Regulatory Database

To save busy regulatory professionals time and keep them well-prepared for their compliance duties, ChemLinked Team built databases of both chemical regulations and chemical inventories. The regulatory database covers different Asia Pacific countries and regions, including China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, etc. 

  • Serve as the perfect reference for regulatory professionals;
  • Provide grasp-at-a-glance summary, history, corresponding duties and related original regulatory and technical documents; and
  • Alert you when the regulations get updated


Inventory Toolbox

ChemLinked developed the Inventory toolbox to assist you to track which chemical inventories the substances of you concern are covered. By doing a simple search, the toolbox will list these inventories on your screen. Information of the inventory such as title, summary, relevant regulations and compliance duties could be viewed. A summary report could be generated and sent to you upon request.