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Hazardous chemicals

The management of hazardous chemicals in Thailand is implemented by the Hazardous Substance Control Act. The manufacture, import, export, sale, storage, transport, etc. of the hazardous substances must follow the requirements specified in the Act. The Act categorizes hazardous substances into 4 types with corresponding hazard levels and obligations, including notification, registration, application for license, etc. 6 annexes of hazardous chemicals are provided as the scope of the Act. Each of the 6 annex lists the substances that fall under the management of one of the 6 competent authorities.

Annex 5 is regulated by the Department of Industrial Works (DIW) under the Ministry of Industry (MOI) and is the list that the chemical industry is most interested in. The scope of annex 5 was expanded recently by the Annex 5.6. Instead of giving a list of substances, Annex 5.6 provides 10 hazard properties and stipulates that all chemicals that meet the hazard criteria and hasn’t been included in other substance lists should be added into this annex through notification. The notification is expected to end by the end of 2016.

Thailand adopts the UN GHS 3rd revision. For now, DIW and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have implemented GHS for the substances under their management. Other departments are still in the preparation stage and are expected to implement the requirements in the future.

New chemicals

Thailand DIW announced that a REACH-like regulation for new substances is on the agenda. As the key foundation of the regulation, a national inventory of existing substances is being established. For information collection, DIW encourages the industry to notify their chemicals through the Annex 5.6 notification system no matter whether the substances meet the hazard criteria or not. DIW will then combine the existing list of hazardous chemicals, the substances notified through Annex 5.6 and its own database and produce the national inventory of existing substances. The inventory is expected to be finalized after the end of 2016 when the Annex 5.6 notification is completed. After that, the substances that are not listed in the inventory will be regarded as new chemicals and have to comply with other regulatory requirements.

Occupational safety and health

The Factory Act categorizes the factories in Thailand in 3 types. Each type has to comply with different obligations such as notification and application for permits. Some specific requirements regarding occupational safety and health and environmental protection are stipulated by the Act, including location selection, equipment management, waste control, pollutant emission control, etc.

  • Thailand Customs Inspection Authority to Issue Notes for New Type 3 Chemicals

      January 31, 2018    Matt Lyu    1791

    DIW clarified some confusions that enterprises encountered during the import and export of the 23 types of hazardous chemicals newly added in the List of Hazardous Chemicals.
  • Thailand Published 4th Edition of List of Hazardous Chemicals

      January 17, 2018    Matt Lyu    1673

    On Jan 11th, 2018, Thailand Ministry of Industry (MOI) issued a government gazette detailing changes to the List of Hazardous Substances under the Hazardous Substances Control Act (HSCA). This is the 3rd time that MOI issued an official gazette to revise the...
  • Thailand: 23 Type 3 Chemicals Added to List of Hazardous Chemicals

      December 27, 2017    Matt Lyu    1647

    On Dec 15 2017, Thailand Department of Industrial Works (DIW) under the Ministry of Industry (MOI) published an amendment to the List of Hazardous Chemicals under the Hazardous Substances Control Act.
  • Thailand: Still in “Early Stage” of Existing Chemicals Regulation

      November 6, 2017    Matt Lyu    1562

    At REACH24H’s CRAC 2017, the Director of Hazardous Substances Control Bureau under DIW, Ms. Somsri Suwanjaras gave a brief introduction to the chemical management framework in Thailand (Hazardous Substances Act) and revealed some information on the progress of the...
  • Thailand Made 2 Changes to Hazardous Substances List

      October 10, 2017    Matt Lyu    1890

    Thailand government issued a gazette and outlined 2 minor changes to the List of Hazardous Substances.
  • Thailand Revises List of Hazardous Chemicals

      August 16, 2017    Matt Lyu    2523

    Thailand Department of Industrial Works (DIW) submitted a notification on Aug 10th 2017 to WTO on some changes to the List of Hazardous Chemicals under Thailand’s main chemical regulation, the Hazardous Substances Control Act (HSCA).

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