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Vol. 5, March 2013
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Editor's Pick
Japan updated Template GHS Labels and SDSs for 450 Chemicals
On 22 Mar 2013, Japan’s MHLW has released template labels and safety data sheet for 168 chemicals and updated labels and SDSs for 282 substances.
Australia’s NICNAS Publishes Tranche 2 from IMAP Assessments
As the outcomes of IMAP for priority chemicals are produced NICNAS compile lists of the results in tranches which are then made publically available for comment. Tranche one was published on December 2012, whilst Tranche two has been recently published in March 2013.
New Rules for Handling Dangerous Goods at Port
"Provisions on Safety Management of Dangerous Goods at port", issued by China MoT, has come into effect since 1 Feb 2013 and raised stricter requirements for port operators.
Symrise Got Its Skin-Whitening Ingredient Registered With SFDA
Symrise spent 3.5 years to successfully get Phenylethyl Resorcinol, a new cosmetic ingredient for skin-brightening, approved by China Food and Drug Administration.
Grace Period of Thailand GHS about to End for Substances
Thailand has adopted the GHS since 13 Mar 2012. This text introduces the relevant classification criteria and hazard communication elements as well as the SDS requirements of Thai GHS.
Approval Documents Will be Required for Taiwan Class 4 Toxic Chemical Substances
Consensus has been reached by the Legislative Yuan on one of the amendments to the Taiwan TCSCA that the initial registration requirements will be imposed on Class 4 toxic chemical substances.
CFDA Plans to Fast-track Approval Process for Innovative Medical Devices and Re-registration Applications
The CFDA issued two new provisions concerning medical devices for public consultation until 31 March 2013, one for prioritized approval for innovative medical devices and the other for simplified re-registration of medical devices.
Standards Governing Korean Hazardous Chemical Treatment Plants Set for Overhaul
Standards governing Korean hazardous chemical treatments plants are set for a major overhaul according to a statement released by Korea’s Minister for the Environment Yoon Seong-Kyu on March 19th.
Philippines Revises Rules on Household Hazardous Substances Licensing
The Philippines released the FDA Circular No. 2013-009 “Revised Guidelines in Licensing Household Hazardous Substances (HHS) Establishments” on 6 Mar, requiring the HHS handling parties to be fully adherence with FDA regulations.
Expert Articles
GB 28644.1-2012 and GB 28644.2-2012 for Dangerous Goods Carried in Excepted and Limited Quantities
GB 28644.1-2012 and GB 28644.2-2012 concerning dangerous goods carried in excepted and limited quantities respectively have been effective since 1 Dec of last year.
New Rules for Evaluating the Transport Conditions of Goods Carried by Vessels
Since 1 Jul 2013, only testing and evaluation reports issued by the appraisal institutions accredited in line with China MSA’s new Measures can be deemed as acceptable.
The Marks, Labels and Placards of Dangerous Goods in Package Form
Transport of dangerous goods need to be properly marked, labeled or placarded, described and certified on a transport document. In this text, marks, labels of packages and placards of cargo transport units are introduced with technical details.
11-12 Apr, 13, Zhijiang, HangZhou
NRCC Seminar on SAWS Order 53: Measures for the Administration of Hazardous Chemicals Registration
8 Apr, 13, Osaka, Japan
China REACH, China RoHS and China GHS Compliance from the Perspective of Japanese Enterprises

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