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Vol. 10, August 2013
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New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Reform: New Regime for HazChem in Workplace
New Zealand has initiated its most significant reform of workplace health and safety system in 20 years. The reform involves introduction of new laws as well as establishment of new regulator.
New Chemical Substances not Gazetted are still "New" to Register under K-REACH
The new chemical substances which have undergone hazard assessment under TCCA while not published on the Official Gazette by the effective date of K-REACH, will still be considered as new and subject to registration under K-REACH.
Shanghai Kicks off the Hazardous Chemicals Registration this Month
The article offers exclusive insights into latest initiatives taken by SH, 1) registration procedures 2) what chemicals 3) data requirement 4) registration certificate 5) registration procedure.
China GHS Labelling - Draft AQ Standard on Precautionary Labels for Chemicals in Workplace
The workplace label is very similar to China GHS label except for the addition of physicochemical properties and protective equipment statement. Sample workplace label is presented.
Taiwan TCSCA Scheduled to Pass in Next Legislative Session
The passage of the TCSCA proposal failed to be included in the agenda of Legislative Yuan's special session arranged from 29 July to 8 August. The review work of the amendments of TCSCA will be reopened until September.
L'Oreal Pays $6.5 Billion to Buy Chinese Leading Facial Mask Brand "Magic"
L'Oreal, the world’s largest cosmetics group, paid HK$6.5 billion to acquire Chinese famous skincare firm Magic Holdings International Limited to take up the prosperous cosmetic segment of facial mask.
China CIQs No Longer Require Label Review on Imported and Exported Cosmetic Products
To consolidate label management under CFDA, all imported and exported cosmetic products need not go through label review and obtain the label review certificate for port inspection any longer.
CFDA Announces List of Accredited Testing Agencies for Health Foods
On 12 Jul 2013, China NHFPC issued a new regulation for registration of novel foods which puts emphasis on safety evaluation information.
NDRC Imposed Heavy Fines to 6 Milk Powder Producers
On August 7, NDRC issued heavy fines totaling 668.73 million to 6 companies, namely Biostime, Mead Johnson, DanoneDumex, Abbott, Friesland, and Fonterra, due to their price fixing and anti-competitive behavior.
The List of 128 Infant Formula Manufacturers in China Released by CFDA
A list of 128 infant formula milk powder manufacturers in China was released by CFDA, part of which will be forced to close under new production criteria in the future.
More Glufosinate Registration Approved in China
The current price of glyphosate topped 40,000 Yuan and it is speculated that the tendency of production decrease would further lift the price to 50,000 Yuan.
China’s Glyphosate Price Rebound to 40, 000 Yuan per Ton
As a profitable alternative to glyphosate and paraquat, glyphosinate is enjoying growing popularity among Chinese producers. Of all the 43 ICAMA registrations, nearly 3/4 of them were approved in 2013.
Are Healthcare Costs Artificially Manipulated? : Medical Devices under the Microscope
GSK’s bribery case cast initial doubt on the integrity of Chinese medical device markets. JNJ’s has brought the industry in further disrepute and highlighted what appears to be commonplace disregard for Chinese Law.
Expert Articles
Why Glyphosate Prices are Rising?
As we can see the price rise of glyphosate cannot be solely attributed to a single causative factor, rather it is the interplay of a range of interdependent influences whose complex relationships have shaped the recent price rise.
Understanding China RoHS - Regulatory Highlights, Updates and Industry Compliance
To address the public concerns on e-waste and e-pollution, China promulgated on 28 Feb 2006 the "Administrative Measures on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products" (a.k.a China RoHS).
Regulatory Update
SAWS Order 60: Measures on the Management of Physical Hazard Identification and Classification for Chemicals
Enacted to support the implementation of SAWS Order 53 and Decree 591, this legislation is to address the identification and classification of unknown physical hazard for chemicals manufactured and imported in China.
NHFPC Order 1 of 2013 Measures on the Administration of Safety Examination of New Foodstuffs
The new regulation stipulates the definition and scope of new foodstuffs in China, the competent authority, registration dossiers and general procedures.

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