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Vol. 2, December 2013
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Taiwan's Legislative Yuan Approved Revised TCSCA
The amendments of the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act (TCSCA) passed its third reading in the Legislative Yuan on 22 Nov, 2013. Totally 17 articles are revised or newly added to the updated TCSCA.
K-REACH Misgivings Relieved: MoE Offer K-REACH Clarifications
Apart from the special exemptions specified in K-REACH regulations, all new chemical substance regardless of tonnage should be registered. New chemical substances assessed under TCCA while unpublished on the Official Gazette by 1 Jan 2015 will still be considered as new.
Thailand Prepares a Comprehensive List of Hazardous Substances
On 30 Oct, the Thailand Department of Industrial Works (DIW) notified WTO a comprehensive List of Hazardous Substances which includes all the previous HazChem Lists released from 1995 to 2012.
Navigator of the Physical Hazard Identification and Classification of Chemicals under China SAWS Order 60
Deputy Director Zhang Hongzhe from NRCC-SAWS helped outline the specific protocols on how to comply with China's Measures on the Management of Physical Hazard Identification and Classification for Chemicals.
Kanebo’s Whitening Product Scandal Urges Japan to Strengthen the Reporting System of Cosmetics Adverse Effects
Japan MHLW decided at a meeting held on 27 Nov to strengthen the reporting system of adverse effects of cosmetics and quasi-drugs, in light of the Kanebo's skin-whitening product scandal.
Chinese Authority Softens Stance on Mandatory Cosmetics Animal Testing
Animal testing will not be mandatory for non-special use cosmetic products manufactured in China according to CFDA's notice on 5 Nov.
New Challenges and Opportunities for Exporting Baby Formula to China
China’s recent amendment of the "one-child policy" which allows a couple to have a second child if one parent is already an only child drives greater demand for baby milk powder.
NHFPC Requires more Safety Evaluation Information for Registration of New Food Raw Materials
NHFPC requires applicants of new food raw materials to submit "safety evaluation opinions", which must be issued by certain testing institutes.
China ICAMA Newly Granted 1931 Pesticide Registrations in H1 2013
The number of ICAMA newly granted pesticide registrations reached 1931 in the first half of 2013. That reflected a 36.6% increase over the same period last year, when 1414 registrations were granted.
Glyphosate Predicted Price Faltering Due to Uncertain Chinese Environmental Regulations
The extent of the predicted price hike in Glyphosate price may have been somewhat exaggerated as recently reflected by a decline in value from 43,000 to 40,000 in September.
Expert Articles
Comparing Global Air Emission Standards Governing the Pesticide Industry
As the majority of VOCs are attributable to pesticide production, a national standard, the "Air Emission Standard for Pesticide Industry" is being developed.

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