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Special Issue
25 Sep 2014

Taiwan New&Existing Chemical Registration

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Taiwan has revised the Toxic Chemical Substance Control Act (TCSCA) to adopt an REACH-style registration scheme which requires manufacturers and importers to register their new and existing chemical substances prior to entering Taiwan’s market. These new requirements will come into force on 11 Dec 2014.

With only less than three months to go, several rules were issued in preparation for the implementation of the upcoming Taiwan new and existing chemical registration system. Below is a special issue consisting of the information and updates that the regulatory specialist of ChemLinked has already gathered. ChemLinked will continue to follow up all the latest updates and keep our members informed.

Taiwan Drafts New and Existing Chemical Registration Fees
Taiwan’s new chemical registration system will begin on 11 Dec 2014. The administrative costs of chemical registration in Taiwan have been drafted according to the amendments of "Toxic Chemical Substances Handling Application Fee Standards"
Taiwan Drafts Regulation on Commissioning Agency for Chemical Registration Dossier Review and Approval
Taiwan published the draft Regulation on Commission on New Chemical Substances and Existing Chemical Substances Registration Dossier Review on 30 June 2014, pursuant to the Article 7-2, Paragraph 2 of the revised Taiwan TCSCA which will come into force on 11 Dec 2014.
Taiwan’s Trials New and Existing Chemical Registration Tool
Taiwan has developed the CHEMical Information System and Tool (CHEMIST) for managing online new & existing chemical registration. A beta version is now under pilot run due on 20 Sep 2014.
Taiwan Drafts ECSI Inclusion Procedures for New Chemical Substances Registered under Taiwan TCSCA
New chemical substances registered under standard registration will have a chance of being included into Taiwan’s ECSI. The inclusion procedure also applies to polymers of low concern although they only require low-quantity registration.
Two-Year Grace Period to Be Granted for New Chemical Registration under Taiwan TCSCA
Two-year grace period will be granted for new chemical substance manufactured/ imported before 31 Dec 2015. The registration certificate validity varies for different registration types.
New Tonnage Bands Drafted for Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Registration
The draft Regulation on Registration of New and Existing Chemical Substances was promulgated pursuant to the Article 7-1, Paragraph 6 of the revised Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act. The draft will be subject to a period of public consultation lasting 14 days.
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