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Regulatory News
30 Jan 2015

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News Update
K-REACH Chemical Substance Evaluation Committee First Meeting
29 January 2015 The first meeting of South Korea’s Chemical Substance Evaluation Committee was held on 20 Jan 2015. The draft list of the first batch of the priority evaluation chemicals (PECs) was the focus of the first meeting.
China to Impose Consumption Tax on Batteries and Coatings
29 January 2015 According to a recent notice issued by the Chinese Ministry of Finance (MOF), from this Feb 1st, a 4% consumption tax will be applied to batteries and coatings at the point of their manufacture or importation.
Korea KCMA Surveys Industry’s Response to Release of Draft List of 1st Batch PECs
28 January 2015 The Korea Chemicals Management Association (KCMA) launched a survey on the 20th of Jan 2015 as part of a comprehensive investigation of industry’s response to the issuance of the draft list of the first batch of PECs.
Japan to Further Streamline CSCL Annual Notification Rules
28 January 2015 Japan Chemical Substances Control Law (CSCL) requires the chemical industry to submit annual notification to the Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry (METI) on the volume of specific substances.
China's Key Food Contact Material Standard: GB 9685 Gets Revised
22 January 2015 China NHFPC released the revised draft of GB 9685 for public consultation. The draft contains 1316 food contact materials additives permitted to be used in China and is more internationally compatible.
New Inspection and Quarantine Requirements Affecting China Import and Export in 2015
20 January 2015 Many regulatory measures are scheduled to take effect in 2015 which will impose new restrictions on international trade. This article analyzed issues of which the Chinese exporters, importers and foreign trade partners should be aware.
Japan CSCL – Chemical Substance Control Law
Since its enactment in 1973, Japanese Chemical Substance Control Law (CSCL) has imposed strict pre-marketing evaluation of chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution and control chemical risks to human health and environment.
Taiwan OSHA
Taiwan OSHA will be implemented in two distinct phases with articles being implemented on specific dates. To efficiently enforce Taiwan OSHA, up to 60 supporting regulations and measures will be revised or completely updated.
Regulating Food Contact Materials in China Resources available 2015-01-27

Regulatory Compliance

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Company News Update
REACH24H and UMCO will host China REACH and GHS Compliance Seminar in Germany
28 Apr 2015 Together with its counterpart-UMCO in Germany, REACH24H will host “China REACH and GHS Compliance Seminar 2015” in Duesseldorf, Germany. As China’s foremost regulatory compliance service provider, this seminar promises a chance to pick the brains of China’s preeminent regulatory experts, and take home the most up-to-date regulatory compliance information.
Case Study
How to Protect Your Confidential Information under Taiwan TCSCA/OSHA

CBI (Confidential Business Information) is an issue of the major concern of overseas exporters under Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA. This article explains how to protect exporter's confidential information.

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