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17 Jul 2015

News Update
China New Chemical Substance Notification Guidance: Comparative Analysis of Current Version and Pending Draft
16 July 2015 The draft of the revised China New Chemical Substance Notification Guidance was released last month after a long deliberation. ChemLinked compared the pending draft with the current version in this article.
Taiwan Existing Chemical Substance Phase 1 Registration: Concise Overview of Critical Checkpoints
13 July 2015 Taiwan will launch its existing chemical substance Phase 1 registration in this September. The potential registrants are recommended to begin preparation and collect information to be used for registration as soon as possible.
Law on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution: Second Amendment Pending
10 July 2015 The draft amendment of the Law was drawn up and opened for public comment in January 2015 finally giving industry a chance to air their grievances and affect legislative change.
Chemicals Control in South Korea: K-REACH/K-OSHA/CCA
South Korean authorities have clarified some problems occurring in the implementation of the chemicals control legislations, which are K-REACH, Occupational Safety and Health Act (K-OSHA) and Chemical Control Act (CCA). This free webinar will focus on the three major chemical regulations, sharing latest updates and giving step-wise strategy for a better compliance with the regulatory requirements.
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