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Regulatory News
28 Jan 2016

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News Update
Japan ISHL: New Chemical Notification Statistics 2015
26 January 2016 Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare published the statistics of new chemical substance notifications under the Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL).
New China RoHS Regulation to Enter into Force This July
26 January 2016 The finalized new China RoHS regulation was issued by MIIT, NDRC and MOF, along with other authorities. The new regulation will enter into force on Jul 1, 2016.
South Korea adds 6 Substances to Existing Chemical Inventory
26 January 2016 Six non-toxic chemical substances (KE No. 2015-3-7165~2015-3-7170) were added to South Korea’s Existing Chemical Substance Inventory (KECI).
Thailand Draft National Inventory Expected Soon
26 January 2016 Thailand has put the inventory of existing chemical substances on the agenda and started to gather information from manufactures and importers.
State Administration of Taxation Explained the Consumption Tax on Batteries and Coatings
25 January 2016 China State Administration of Taxation published an official explanation to the consumption tax on batteries and coatings, answering the ambiguous parts of the previous notices.
Shanghai to Further Control Hazardous Chemicals
25 January 2016 Shanghai was in the process of establishing the 3rd batch of Inventory of Prohibited, limited & Controlled Hazardous Chemicals in Shanghai, which will lead to more effective management of hazardous chemicals.
China to Reopen IECSC Supplementation
22 January 2016 China MEP is considering reopening China’s IECSC supplementation.The scope would be the same as the last one i.e. only substances manufactured or imported into China before 15 Oct 2003 would be eligible.
Shanghai Established Emission Standard of Air Pollutants
20 January 2016 After months’ of discussion and debate, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau issued a local standard named Integrate Emission Standards of Air Pollutants (DB31/933-2015). The standard took effect from Dec 1st 2015.
Taiwan Updates Toxic Chemical Substances List to 310 Substances
19 January 2016 Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) updated the toxic chemical substances list (TCSL).5 substances were added to the list.
Taiwan Issues CHEMIST 3.1 for New and Existing Chemical Registration
19 January 2016 Taiwan has newly updated the offline new and existing chemical registration tool “CHEMIST” to version 3.1. There are 6 main changes.
South Korea Designates Five New Toxic Chemical Substances
15 January 2016 Five substances listed as KE No. 2014-1-724~2014-1-728 have been newly added to the South Korea’s Toxic Chemical Substance List (TCSL) associated with corresponding content threshold (%) for mixtures.
Amendments Made to Recently Published K-REACH’s LR List
14 January 2016 Some amendments were made to the results of LR election for 121 PECs published on 6 Jan 2015.

Regulatory Compliance

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2015 Global Regulatory Highlights
At such a time of bidding farewell to the past while ushering in the new, REACH24H Consulting Group helps you connect the dots and grasp the highlights, well positioned to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of key developments of EU REACH, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea chemical regulations, China chemical & hazardous chemical regulations, and global GHS in 2015.
It is worth noting that the post-registration compliance work can never be well accomplished without the cooperation of non-EU companies. In this article, REACH24H elaborates on ways for post registration compliance to address your concerns.
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