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08 Feb 2018

Expert Article
A Comparative Analysis Between Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods Regulation in China

The idea of "dangerous goods" is not exactly the same as "hazardous chemicals" in China. This article will try to examine the concept of the two in China’s legal framework and summarize the differences between them.

News Update
Singapore to Include 18 Types of HFCs in Licensing Control System
8 Feb 2018 Singapore's NEA (National Environment Agency) proposes to control 18 types of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) as hazardous substances under the second schedule of EPMA (Environmental Protection and Management Act).
China’s MEP Published Comprehensive Catalogue for Environmental Protection
8 Feb 2018 China’s MEP released the Comprehensive Catalogue for Environmental Protection (2017 edition). The catalogue includes 85 high- polluting or environmentally-hazardous products and 72 environmental protection facilities.
Vietnam Department of Chemicals: 2017 Review and 2018 Plans
8 Feb 2018 Vietnam’s Department of Chemicals under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) held an internal conference to summarize the work in 2017 and set goals for 2018.
K-REACH: Current Status of PECs Joint Registration
8 Feb 2018 The registration deadline for 510 priority existing chemicals (PECs) subject to K-REACH joint registration is 30 Jun 2018. As the deadline approaches, more and more lead registrants (LR) have submitted PECs joint registration dossier.
South Korea Updates Safety and Labelling Standards for Risk Concerned Products
8 Feb 2018 South Korea’s Ministry of Environment revised the Designation of Risk Concerned Products and the Safety and Labeling Standards. The revision came into effect immediately.
Chinese Local Governments to Restrict Hazardous Chemicals Transport during Spring Festival
5 Feb 2018 To ensure the safety during China's Spring Festival Migration, many provincial governments have carried out special measures on the transport of hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods during this period.
K-REACH: 343 PECs Finished LR Election
5 Feb 2018 Updated on 31 Jan 2018, 343 priority existing chemical substances (PECs) subject to K-REACH joint registration have finished their LR (lead registrant) election.
Thailand Customs Inspection Authority to Issue Notes for New Type 3 Chemicals
5 Feb 2018 Thailand Department of Industrial Works clarified some confusions that enterprises encountered during the import and export of the newly added hazardous chemicals.
Vietnam MOIT Published Draft Management on Explosives
5 Feb 2018 Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) published a draft of the Regulations on the Management and Use of the Industrial Explosives and Explosive Precursors.
South Korea to Update Hazard Evaluation Results of New Substances Registered under K-REACH
30 Jan 2018 South Korea's NIER is now consulting on the results of hazard evaluation of new chemical substances registered under K-REACH by NIER Notice No. 2018-5. Any comments are welcome before 12 Feb 2018.
Revised K-REACH Scheduled to Pass in Next Plenary Session of National Assembly
30 Jan 2018 The newest amendments to K-REACH Act were passed by South Korea’s Cabinet on 8 Aug 2017 and are still waiting final approval from the National Assembly.
China Specifies the Implementation of Pollutants Emission Permit System
30 Jan 2018 Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) published the Measures of the Management on Pollutants Emission Permit (Trial) and the Measures took effect immediately.
Vietnam Details the Implementation of Decree No.113/2017
30 Jan 2018 To further assist the implementation of the Decree No. 113/2017, Vietnam MOIT published Circular No. 32/2017/TT-BCT and specified a number of articles of the Law on Chemicals and the Decree No. 113/2017.
Transportation of Dangerous Goods in China
Compared with more developed countries, the management system of dangerous goods transport in China is far from perfect. Due to the lack of a unified coordination mechanism among existing transportation laws and regulations, the whole TDG legislative system in China lacks a cohesive structure.
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