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08 Mar 2018

Regulatory Update
State Council Outlines Implementation of Environmental Protection Tax Law

The implementation rules of the Environmental Protection Tax Law took effect with the Law and specified some definitions and requirements raised by the Law. ChemLinked summarized some key questions that the implementation rules tried to answer.

News Update
The Philippines Consults on Arsenic Chemical Control Order
8 Mar 2018 Recently, DENR-EMB issued a CCO on arsenic and arsenic compounds. The importer, manufacturer, distributor, and user of arsenic and its compounds should register with EMB and acquire a permit.
The Philippine DENR Underscores Common Compliance Issues during Chemical Notification
7 Mar 2018 Philippine DENR held a seminar in Japan and introduced the chemical management framework in the Philippines and talked about the future tasks of EMB-DENR.
South Korea to Update Toxic Chemical Substances List
6 Mar 2018 South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (NIER) is now consulting on potential updates on the Toxic Chemical Substances List (TCSL). Any comments are welcome before 20 Mar 2018.
The Philippines Detailed GHS Requirements for High Volume Chemicals
6 Mar 2018 The Philippine DENR-EMB issued the Memorandum Circular 2017-010 and set the determination criteria for High Volume Chemicals. The HVCs are required to be properly labeled and comply with the GHS requirements.
Beijing to Ban Dangerous Goods Transport in March
5 Mar 2018 Beijing announced a temporary prohibition on the transport of dangerous goods (highly hazardous chemicals included) in the city area starting March 1st, 2018, and ending March 22, 2018.
The Philippines No Longer Requires PCL Certificate for Chemicals Used in Labs
5 Mar 2018 Philippine DENR-EMB published Memorandum Circular 2017-07 and stipulated that facilities that use PCL chemicals solely as standard solutions or as reagents in laboratory analysis are exempted from PCL Compliance Certificate.
South Korea’s GHS Classification List Updated
5 Mar 2018 South Korea’s National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) announced the updates of GHS Classification List. The updates came into effect immediately.
Japan Revises CSCL Enforcement Order
5 Mar 2018 METI issued a government gazette and stipulated the amendments to the Cabinet Order for Enforcement of CSCL which is a supportive regulation to CSCL. The main amendments include 5 parts and will take effect from different dates.
Taiwan’s Toxic Chemical Substances List to Be Appended
27 Feb 2018 Taiwan’ Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) proposed to list more substances as toxic chemical substances. The potential updates are subject to a period of public consultation lasting 60 days.
Australia to Remove Products in the TNA after 9 March 2018
27 Feb 2018 Products listed in the Australia TNA will be removed by NICNAS after 9 March 2018. Before that stakeholders involved with listed products can still provide chemical information to NICNAS to get the chemicals added to AICS inventory.
2 Municipalities and 26 Cities Face Stricter Emission Standards
26 Feb 2018 According to a notice issued by Chinese MEP, about 30 northern cities will be subject to stricter emission standards on air pollutants from Mar 1st, 2018.
Taiwan to Update Permissible Exposure Limits for Airborne Hazardous Substances in Workplace
9 Feb 2018 Taiwan’s Ministry of Labor (MOL) issued on 25 Sep 2017 the draft amendments on the PEL standards (Permissible Exposure Limits) for airborne hazardous chemicals in the workplace.
Japan METI Details the Determination of Specified New Chemicals
9 Feb 2018 Japanese METI published the draft of the determination standards for “specified new chemicals” for public consultation. The standard is expected to take effect along with the amendments on the same date.
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