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The Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Chemicals, China (draft)

  •   1 Jan 2012
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    • The Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Chemicals, China (draft)

    • Language:EN
    • Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
    • Pages:56
    • Translated by: Reach24h Group
    • Release date: 2012-09-26
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    These documents are essential standards that provide guidance to enable fulfillment of the regular notification requirements of China New Chemical Substance Notification (China NCSN) - Measures on Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances. In line with the guidance of China NCSN, the minimum requirements for regular notification include physicochemical, toxicological and eco-toxicological test reports and a risk assessment report.

    1. Preface
    2. Chapter 1: Applicable Scope
    3. Chapter 2: Normative References
    4. Chapter 3: Terms and Definitions
    5. Chapter 4: Assessment Procedure
    6. Chapter 5: Qualitative Environmental Risk Assessment
    7. Chapter 6: Quantitative Environmental Risk Assessment
    8. Chapter 7: Qualitative Health Risk Assessment
    9. Appendix A
    10. A.1 Identification of PBT or vPvB Substances
    11. A.2 Hazard Characterization of PBT or vPvB Substances
    12. A.3 Exposure Assessment of PBT or vPvB Substances
    13. A.4 Risk Characterization & Risk Management Measures of PBT/vPvB Substances
    14. Appendix B: Chemical Risk Assessment Models, Formulae, Parameters and Calculating Methods
    15. Appendix C: Qualitative Uncertainty Analysis