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2019 International Solid Waste and Resources Recycling Exhibition of China

Date 1-3 Apr, 19
Title2019 International Solid Waste and Resources Recycling Exhibition of China
OrganiserShanghai Kunhui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
LocationChina National Convention Center

Purpose: Create a one-stop procurement platform with service innovation
Time: April 1-3, 2019
Place: China National Convention Center
Organizations Structure:
                China Low-carbon Industry Association
                United Nations Industrial Development Organization
                Asian Economic and Trade Development Promotion Center
                Hongkong Kunhui Exhibition Group
Organizer: Shanghai Kunhui Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
Cooperation Unit: Beijing Wanglv Exhibition Co., Ltd

The reasons for exhibition

Scale advantage: meet new dealers and buyers – this exhibition is hosted by the industry's authoritative associations, which effectively guarantees the actual effect for exhibitors. Adopting a strong global investment promotion model, the exhibition of this year is expected to have more than 30,000 audiences. It will integrate the database of previous exhibitions and invite industry users to visit and negotiate.

Seamless connection: invite merchants one-to-one – share high-quality merchants by the association's recommendation and professional market operation. Promote and report the exhibition through major media and websites across the country, publish the news regularly, and track and report the full progress of the exhibition. More than 100 full-time staff of foreign language will be arranged, and professional buyers involved in the fields of exhibition will be directly introduced to the site to discuss procurement projects.

Market development: consolidate the existing market share – after the exhibition, you can enjoy online and offline comprehensive publicity throughout the year. The promotion covers new media such as websites, magazines, newspapers, mobile newspapers, Weibo, WeChat, etc. You will have multiple surprises at one exhibition. It keeps up with the latest market developments and contains sharing, interaction, and one-to-one trade matching sessions. We sincerely invite online and offline the procurement leaders of industries involved in solid waste and resources recycling technology. The audiences are expected to come from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. We will arrange one-to-one meetings for discussion, which is a good way to improve the sales of your products.

Exhibition profile; New Market, New Opportunity, New Challenge

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the amount and the types of solid waste in China are increasing. Their long-term existence will seriously pollute the soil and water sources, causing irreversible effects on the environment. “2019 International Solid Waste and Resources Recycling Exhibition of China” will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center on April 1-3, 2019. Combining the characteristics of generation of solid waste in China, the exhibition provides solid waste and resources recycling equipment and technology in line with China's national conditions to meet the production and trade needs of related enterprises at home and abroad. It will further promote the exchange and cooperation between China's industry of solid waste and resource recycling technology and its peers in the field; promote China's substantial influence in international trade, market development, industrial investment, technology research and development, technology transfer, etc.; provide a platform for market development and brand building for domestic and foreign suppliers of solid waste and resource recycling industry; build a direct communication bridge between users and manufacturers, and also offer decision-making basis for relevant government departments to study policies, formulate policies and regulations, and promote industrialization, and create a good social atmosphere.  

Target Audiences

Authorities–government environmental protection departments such as Environmental Protection Agencies, National Development and Reform Commission, Construction Committees, State Economic and Trade Commission, Design Institute, Planning Boards, Water Conservancy Bureau, Water Authorities, Water Associations, Electricity Bureau, municipal corporations, Science and Technology Bureau, Solid Waste Management Centers, municipal units, etc.;

End users–leaders and engineering technicians of Urban Construction Bureau, Construction Committees, Environmental Protection Agencies, Health Bureau, research institutes, universities, chemical enterprises, real estate developers, hospitals, schools, banks, airports, subways, sports centers, performing arts centers, large state-owned enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, KTV, exhibition halls, departments of large factories and mines, enterprises, users and distributors, etc.;

Target industries–decision makers, supervisors and procurement personnel of Environmental Protection Agencies, Urban Construction Bureau, Construction Committees, Health Bureau, research institutes, universities, chemical enterprises, real estate developers, hospitals, schools, banks, airports, subways, sports centers, performing arts centers, large state-owned enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, KTV, exhibition halls, departments of large factories and mines, enterprises, users and distributors, etc.;

Business cooperation–agents, distributors, traders, investors, etc. involved in the environmental protection industries at home and abroad;
Industry exchanges– environmental protection experts and scholars from relevant scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, and various financial investment institutions at home and abroad. 

Exhibition Range

  • Waste disposal and recycling, waste treatment equipment, environmental services
  • Waste collection and transportation
  • Transport vehicles and their structures 
  • Waste disposal/recycling
  •  Incineration and heat treatment (energy recovery and disposal – construction, operation, optimization, maintenance)
  •  Landfill 
  •  Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Biological treatment, composting       
  • Treatment and disposal of medical waste 
  • Urban road cleaning and maintenance equipment
  • Animal carcass harmless treatment
  • General equipment, devices and accessories
  • Occupational safety and accident prevention
  • Waste suppliers, distributors, traders
  •  Urban domestic waste treatment equipment
  • Kitchen waste treatment equipment   
  •  Treatment of scraps of metal/cable/paper/textile
  • Construction waste recycling
  • Waste rubber tires / plastic processing technology and recycling equipment
  •  Waste oil / sewage / waste liquid treatment and regeneration technology
  •  Recycling, dismantling and recycling of used cars/electronic products
  • Waste glass recycling, processing, and reutilization            
  • Engineering services, environmental management and ecological auditing
  • Disposal services    
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Trade associations and institutions   
  • Industrial parks, markets
  • Transfer of scientific research technology         
  •  Professional publishers, trade literature and databases
  • Research institutions/universities       
  • Integrated waste utilization, power generation, measurement, control and laboratory technology
  • Education and training           
  •  Comprehensive utilization of resources and technology
  • Biomass power plant / fermentation, ingredients  
  •  Landfill gas utilization
  • Matrix processing, transportation and supply systems     
  • Gas transportation and disposal
  • Gas utilization
  • Treatment of fermentation waste
  • Measurement technology   
  •  Analysis / laboratory technology
  • Control technology
  • Water, wastewater, waste and air treatment technologies

 About Exhibition

Booth charge and arrangement: both standard booths and raw space booth are available, all attendees can choose the one that you need.
Standard booth charge: (note: 10% is additional required by the corner booth)

Booth Type Domestic Enterprise Joint-venture and sole proprietorship in China invested by foreigners and Hongkong-Macao-Taiwan investors Foreign-owned Enterprises
Standard booth (3m*3m) RMB16800/9m2/ period/enterpriseRMB 18000/9m2/ period USD 4000/9m2/ period
Raw space booth(no less than 36 m2) RMB 1700/m2/ period RMB 1800/m2 / period USD 400/m2/ period

Standard booth charge: including the exhibition space, 2.5m wallboard, lintel card, 9m2 carpet, one desk, two chair, a single-phase plug (10A/220V), and two reflector lamps.
For raw space booth, there will be no display rack and other facilities. The exhibitor can arrange the decoration by itself or entrust the decoration to a company recommended by the organizer.
 New technology press, new product promotion council and seminars
As planned by the sponsor, during the expo, there will be a series of new technology presses, new product promotion councils and seminars; all exhibitors have the priority to get the sponsorship of the seminars and relevant enterprises are able to define what shall be covered in the report by themselves. Exhibitors shall provide relevant documents and files. The companies who get the sponsorship can independently define the number of audiences.
★ RMB12,000 Yuan for each, with a duration of 45 minutes (including the space, supporting facilities and promotion expenditures, etc.)

◆ Advertisements:

During the expo, in order to have a better propaganda, get the exhibitors well known by visitors, and get the communication between exhibitors and clients smooth, the Organization Committee will carefully compile an expo proceeding which will be distributed to all the attendees. At the same time, the proceeding will be sent to competent departments, agents, sellers, users, research institutes and associations, etc. Enterprises can decide how to arrange its advertisements on the proceeding and how to arrange advertisements at the expo site.
Location Price  Items Price
Cover page 25,000Full page advertisement (in colors) 6,000
Back cover 18,000Full page advertisement (in black and white) 3,000
Title page 16,000Company profile 2,000
Inside front page 18,000Advertisement on check-in ticket(no less than 10,000 tickets) 10,000
Inside back cover 12,000Advertisement on chest card (qty. ) 30,000
Inflatable arches(day) 10,000Advertisement on scrolls (one)2,000

◆ Exhibition flow:

1. If you are going to attend the expo, please carefully fill the “Exhibition Application Form”, which shall be stamped by an official seal before being sent to the Organization Committee;
2. After the Exhibition Application Form is received and confirmed by Organization Committee, the exhibitor shall transfer all or half of exhibition charge to the Organization Committee’s account within five workdays; then the exhibitor shall fax the transfer voucher to the Organization Committee; otherwise, no booth will be reserved;
3. Booth arrangement shall follow the principle “arrangement will be given to the exhibitors who do the application and payment first”;
4. The advertisements on the proceeding will be ordered according to the payment sequence. The advertisement booking will be stopped by March 1, 2019;
5. Other details, like product transportation, reception and accommodation, will be covered in the Exhibitor Handbook, which will be sent to all exhibitors one month before the expo.

Further InformationHot Line: +86-21-56177795 
Fax: +86-21-5106 9101 
Contact PersonLisa
E-mail: kunhuiexpo@163.com
Website: http:// www.waste-expo.cn