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Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference 2014

Date 13-14 Oct, 14
TitleChemical Regulatory Annual Conference 2014
OrganiserREACH24H Consulting Group
LocationShanghai Puxi InterContinental, China



Since last year’s conference the industry and regulatory environment has moved forward, legislations have been amended and new regulations implemented in our collective global efforts to ensure a safer and more efficient management of Chemicals throughout the entire supply chain. What hasn’t changed is REACH24H’s commitment to host a meaningful event with an industry focus. CRAC is an event where practical issues facing industry are discussed and presented to policymakers, NGO’s and leading industrial players alike. CRAC is an event where genuine constructive dialogue converts into take-home information which help attendees come to terms with the most important developments in the Sino-global regulatory environment.


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Conference and seminars:

  • Full-day conference: Industrial chemical regulations in EU, AP region (Oct 13 2014)
  • Optional seminar: Regulations of biocides in EU, China & US (Oct 14 2014)
  • Optional seminar: Exportation of articles under EU REACH & BPR regulation (Morning on Oct 14 2014)
  • Optional seminar: Regulations of cosmetics in the EU and China (Afternoon on Oct 14 2014)
  • Separated seminar: Regulations of food & food contact materials (Oct 13 2014)


Pillar topics of CRAC 2014

  • žCommunity Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for Evaluation of Substances under EU REACH and its Influence on Registration Strategy - European Chemicals Agency
  • The Enforcement Of REACH in EU Member State and its Impact on EU Importers as well as Only
  • Representative - Ministry of Health, Italy - Ministry of Health, Italy
  • Guidance on Chemical Registration under the Up-coming Korea REACH - Ministry of Environment, Korea
  • China New Chemical Notification Regulation: Management Trends and Legislative Philosophy - Ministry of Environment, China
  • Regulatory Requirements of Chemicals Listed in the New Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals in China - National Registration Center for Chemicals of SAWs, China


  • The Legal Framework of Management of Non-agricultural Pesticides in China - Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA of MOA, China)
  • Practical Advice from Chinese Accredited Laboratories on Data Generated for Pesticide Product
  • Registration - Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry
  • Active Substance Approval and Product Authorisation under BPR - CtGB, the Netherlands
  • A practical lesson on Five-batch Analysis for Biocide Registration


  • SVHC Roadmap to 2020 Implementation Plan and advice to non-EU producers of Articles - European Chemicals Agency
  • Treated Article Exportation: Guidance on EU Biocidal Products Regulation - European Commission


  • Safety Assessment Methodology and Safety Assessors in EU
  • Changes and Trends on the Regulatory Management on Cosmetic Ingredients in China
  • Regulatory Changes on Domestically Produced Non-special Use Cosmetics


  • The Current of Import Food Supervision and Food Safety in China - Import and Export Food Safety Bureau of AQSIQ, China
  • The Regulatory Requirements for Food Labels in China - China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment
  • The Regulatory Requirements for Import Dairy Products in China
  • National Standards (China GB standards) Compliance Test for Import Food
  • The Regulations and Management of Health Food on Chinese Market


Who shall attend?

  • Expert from Laboratory Scientific Research Institute
  • Decision-maker from multi-national enterprise
  • Procurement manager
  • Responsible person in EHS department
  • Project manager of chemical enterprise
  • Responsible person of Regulatory affairs
  • Product stewardship manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • BD/Marketing manager
  • Editor from news publication institutes


About REACH24H

REACH24H is a consulting company specialized in providing chemical regulatory consultancy and technical solution for chemical industries around the world. We have a team of more than 90 people serving more than 4000 clients from every continent. Our global locations in China, Ireland and Canada ensure our timely response to customers’ needs.


Founded in 2009, REACH24H is dedicated to developing cost-effective and efficient compliance projects for enterprises facing the major chemical regulatory barriers worldwide, including: EU REACH, EU CLP, Global GHS, China NCSN, China pesticide, China Cosmetics, US TSCA, Japan CSCL, Korea-REACH, etc.


REACH24H collaborates with clients to help them better recognize and understand their chemical and related product regulatory obligations before entering into a foreign market. Our extensive cooperation with governments and industry associations keep us at the forefront of the latest chemical regulatory trends.


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