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  •   20 Sep 2017
  •    Nadine He
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    • Checklists of National Sampling of Food Contact Materials and Articles in China

    • Language:EN
    • Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
    • Pages:25
    • Author: Yilia Ye
    • Publish date: 2017-09-19
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    China AQSIQ released 4 updated implementation rules on national inspection of food related products, including plasticspaper and paperboard, as well as food machinery. This report aims to provide detailed information regarding the national sampling inspection of food contact materials and articles, including document references, and specific inspection items. With the information in this report, enterprises can undertake self-assessment and inspection in advance, and then improve their production in accordance with Chinese requirements.



    1. Plastic product

    1.1 Melamine tableware

    1.2 RCPP, retort pouch and retortable box for food contact use

    2. Paper and paperboard

    2.1 Product category

    2.2 Referenced standard

    2.3 Inspection items

       2.3.1 Non heat-sealable teabag filter paper

       2.3.2 Heat-sealable teabag filter paper

       2.3.3 Cartridge paper

       2.3.4 Parchment for Food Packaging

       2.3.5 Paper of Glassine

       2.3.6 Food Packaging Paper

       2.3.7 Paperboard for Food Packaging

       2.3.8 Paper bag product

       2.3.9 Paper can (cardboard can)

       2.3.10 Paper can (round composite can)

       2.3.11 Paper cup

       2.3.12 Paper tableware (coated paper tableware)

       2.3.13 Paper tableware (pulp model tableware)

       2.3.14 Paper box

    3. Food machinery

    3.1 Referenced standard

    3.2 inspection items

    4. Reference