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Exemptions in Special Provisions for Road Transport of Dangerous Goods

  •   6 Jan 2020
  •    Nadine He
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    According to Article 10 of the Measures for the Safety Administration of Road Transport of Dangerous Goods, the consignor shall make sure the class and division, product name and identification number of the dangerous goods per the Regulations concerning Road Transportation of Dangerous Goods (JT/T 617) and abide by relevant special provisions.

    Special provisions (presented in numbers) have been allocated in Column 6 of the Dangerous Goods List in JT/T 617.3-2018, including special testing requirements, special exemption requirements, etc. The meaning and requirements of the special provisions are set forth in Appendix B of the JT/T617.3-2018 in sequence. Dangerous goods which meet the special exemption provisions are not subject to the requirements of JT/T 617.1-2018 ~JT/T617.7-2018 and can be transported as general goods.

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