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An Overview of China’s Solid Waste and Chemical Management Plans in 2019

  •   1 Mar 2019
  •    Nadine He
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    • China rolled out its 2019 plan for environmental management of solid waste and chemicals.
    • China will intensify its clamp down on solid waste pollution.
    • Development and implementation of new policies should go a long way to improving China’s environment.

    China 2019 work priorities for environmental management of solid waste and chemicals [1] will focus on “system building”, “two major reforms”, “two special campaigns” and “four key tasks”.

    System Building

    China is to accelerate the revision of the Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste [2]  and the Measures for the Administration of Permit for Operation of Dangerous Wastes [3[. In addition, China is to expedite the revision of rules and standards, including GB5085 Identification Standards for Hazardous Wastes, HJ/T 298 Technical Specifications on Identification for Hazardous Waste, and the formulation of the Technical Specification for Pollution Control of Hazardous Solid Waste in Key Industries. A system of differentiated management of hazardous wastes will be built up based on the classification of the waste. 

    Two Major Reforms

    Two major reforms will be promoted in 2019, including a ban on waste imports and pilot on "waste-free cities". MEE and other authorities have jointly revised the Management Catalogue of Imported Solid Wastes, which expanded the scope of solid wastes subject to import ban. In 2018, China imported a total of 22.63 million tons of solid waste, 46.5% less than the last year. China’s waste catalogue went into effect as scheduled, and based on future plans China will realize a total ban on waste imports by the end of 2020.

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