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China’s FCM Regulation System and Newly-released GB9685-2016

  •   24 Nov 2016
  •    Nadine He

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    (GMT+8, China Standard Time)
    Dec 6, 2016English 22:00-22:30Concluded


    On November 18th, 2016, China NHFPC announced the release of the final version of "GB 9685-2016 Standard for uses of additives in food contact materials and their products" and 52 other national food safety standards.

    GB 9685-2016 will be implemented on Oct 19th 2017. There are 1294 additives listed in GB 9685-2016. 22 additives were deleted from the original draft standard. An additional 9 product standards (GB 4806.3-GB 4806.11) were released and one general safety requirement (GB 4806.1) which details the materials and product requirements of enamel, ceramic, glass, plastics(resin), paper and paperboard, metal, painting and coating, rubber etc.. In addition 39 test standards for specific substances (GB 31604.11-GB 31604.49) were released.

    In this webinar, REACH24H Consulting Group will analyze the latest updates of GB 9685 and other relevant standards and outline the major changes in food contact materials management and regulatory compliance obligations. 


    1. Introduction of food contact material regulation system in China
    2. Interpretation of new standards of food contact material in China

      • GB9685-2016  Standard for uses of additives in food contact materials and their products
      • GB4806.1-2016  General safety requirements for food contact materials and products
    3. Compliance requirements for all roles in the supply chain

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    Ms. Becky Liu 

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    Agrochemical and Food Contact Materials Department, REACH24H Consulting Group

    Ms. Becky Liu is a regulatory compliance specialist. She is responsible for food contact material regulatory compliance in China, America and EU. Her rich experiences on regulatory compliance and knowledge of food contact materials regulations can provide professional suggestions for relevant companies.


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