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Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA Compliance Strategies after the Pre-registration Deadline of March 31st

  •   20 Apr 2016
  •    Nadine He
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    DateLanguageTime (GMT+8, China Standard Time)Registration
    Apr 20, 2016English 22:00-23:00Concluded
    Chinese10:00-11:00Concluded, materials available
    Japanese14:00-15:00Concluded, materials available 



    As the deadline of March 31 for pre-registration of existing chemical substances in Taiwan comes close, there are increasing concerns over the follow-up implementation of late pre-registration as well as possible punishment for companies failed to complete Phase 1 registration in time. After the application window for grace period of new chemical registration closed on December 31, 2015, a new move taken by Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) is the issuance of a 2nd version of Guidance on Scientific Research and Development (SR&D) and Product and Process Orientated Research and Development (PPORD) on March 10, 2016, triggering much confusion among companies over differences between the first and second version.

    To address all these concerns, REACH24H Consulting Group will hold three free webinars on April 20 in Chinese, English and Japanese respectively, focusing on “Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA Compliance Strategies after the Pre-registration Deadline of March 31”.



    • Concise Overview of Recent Updates of Taiwan Chemical Management Schemes
    • Critical Checkpoints for Existing Chemical substance Late Pre-registration
    • Critical Checkpoints for New Chemical Substance Registration
    • Explanation of Supervision Priorities and Possible Moves by Taiwan Authorities
    • Possible Impact on the Registrant from Industry Perspectives;
    • Experience Sharing and Pertinent Suggestions from the Perspective of TPR

     To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.



    Chinese session:

    Ms. Alva Chem, REACH24HMr. Ray Huang 

    Chemical Regulatory Consultant

    Taiwan Office, REACH24H Consulting Group

    Mr. Ray Huang graduated from Taiwan National Chiao Tung Unicersity majoring in Applied Chemistry and Technical Management. He is an expert in Taiwan New and Existing Chemical Substance Registration under Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA with solid chemical background and years of experience in the chemical industry.


    Japanese session:

    Mr. Jonny Du, REACH24HMr. Jonny Du

    Regulatory Analyst, Editor

    ChemLinked Team, REACH24H Consulting Group

    Mr. Jonny Du is a regulatory analyst and editor at ChemLinked Japanese portal, specializing in chemical regulation issues. 


    English Session:

    Mr. Shawn Xiang

    Senior Regulatory Consultant

    REACH24H Consulting Group

    Mr. Shawn Xiang is a recognized expert in China REACH, Taiwan TCSCA and Taiwan new & existing chemical registration. He has extensive hands-on experience in data gap analysis, project management, exposure scenario development, etc.


    If you have any question about this webinar, please contact us:

    Tel: +86 (0)571 8609 4444

    Email: ContactChemLinked.com