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Thailand Chemicals Management: Annex 5.6 Notification & National Inventory

  •   17 Nov 2016
  •    Matt Lyu
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    (GMT+8, China Standard Time)
    Nov 17, 2016English22:00-23:00Resources available
    Chinese10:00-11:00Resources available



    In Feb 2015, Thailand Ministry of Industry (MOI) published a notification stating that manufacturers and importers of chemical substances that meet certain criteria had to notify their substances to the Department of Industrial Works (DIW). The notified substances would be added to the List of Hazardous Substances as Annex 5.6. By gathering notification information, DIW aimed to prepare Thailand’s national inventory of existing chemicals.

    The 1st stage of Annex 5.6 notification will be over soon in the end of this year and many enterprises are still confused about the requirements and progress of the notification and the existing chemicals inventory. This webinar will provide broad and detailed introduction to the notification and the inventory and guide the enterprises to comply with their regulatory obligations.



    • Introduction to the Hazardous Substance Control Act B.E.2535 (HSCA)
    • Introduction to Annex 5.6 notification
    • Introduction to the national existing chemical substances inventory

    To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, you’re welcome to email us the questions before the webinar.



    Mr. Matt Lu (English Session)

    Regulatory analyst & Editor

    REACH24H Consulting Group

    Mr. Matt Lu is a regulatory analyst and editor in ChemLinked. He focuses on the research of the chemical management regulations in Asia Pacific countries and regions and is the author of most articles regarding Thailand regulations on ChemLinked.


    Ms. Penny Peng (Chinese Session)

    Regulatory compliance specialist

    REACH24H Consulting Group

    Mrs. Penny Peng is a regulatory compliance specialist. Her experiences on data gap analysis, environmental toxicological risk assessment and other fields make her an expert in China REACH notification. She is also following through the legislative progress in Thailand.


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