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A Walkthrough of ChemLinked Tools and Services

  •   1 Aug 2017
  •    lynn liang
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    Regulatory uncertainties compounded by language barriers have made it imperative for companies to access timely and reliable information and powerful regulatory compliance tools. ChemLinked is developed to equip international enterprises with regulatory intelligence, IT tools, databases, expert insights and advice to ensure smooth trading activities. .

    This webinar is organized to help members make better use of ChemLinked.  To have a better chance of your questions being addressed during the webinar, please send them to contact@chemlinked.com


    1.     What is ChemLinked?

    2.     What does ChemLinked Provide?

    3.     How can ChemLinked help you?


    Ms.Lynn Liang(English Session)

    BD Manager

    ChemLinked Team, REACH24H Consulting Grouop

    Ms. Lynn Liang is the global marketing manager at ChemLinked REACH24h. Ms. Lynn Liang is responsible for conducting both quantitative and qualitative market research, developing and implementing marketing campaigns and collaborating with the editorial and IT teams in developing new ChemLinked services in response to member and client feedback.


    Mr. Jonny Du (Japanese Session)

    Regulatory Analyst, Editor 

    ChemLinked Team, REACH24H Consulting Grouop

    Mr. Jonny Du is a regulatory analyst and editor at ChemLinked Japanese portal, specializing in chemical regulation issues.


    Other Information:

    If you have any question about this webinar, please contact us:

    Tel: +86 (0)571 8609 4444

    Email: contactchemlinked.com