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106 Priority Existing Chemical Substances Drafted for Taiwan’s Standard Registration

  •   30 Mar 2018
  •    Nadine He
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    The long-awaited draft list of 106 priority existing chemical substances (PECs) subject to Taiwan’s standard registration of existing chemical substances (Phase 2 existing chemical registration) has been issued as a part of the draft revisions to the Regulation of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration (Attachment 6 of the regulation). The draft list is currently undergoing a 60-day public consultation.

    This is the first batch of PECs (another two batches will be issued in the following years). The draft list is accessible here. Compared to the last draft list of 122 PECs issued in the middle of 2017, most of the deleted substances are petrochemicals.

    The tonnage threshold for standard registration is set as 1 ton per year, consistent with EU REACH. Four tonnage bands (1-10t/y, 10-100t/y, 100-1000t/y, 1000+ t/y) have been drafted with corresponding data requirements identical to new chemical registration requirements.

    However, the registration deadline is based on the volume when applying for phase 1 registration (pre-registration/late pre-registration) and the date on which the phase 1 registration number is obtained.

     Date for obtaining phase 1 registration No.Tonnage bandRegistration deadline for standard registration
    Situation 1before 31 Dec 20181-100t/y31 Dec 2021
    100+ t/y31 Dec 2020
    Situation 2from 1 Jan 20191-100t/ywithin 3 years counting from the second year when the phase 1 registration No. is obtained
    100+ t/ywithin 2 years counting from the second year when the phase 1 registration No. is obtained

    Situation3: For those having obtained phase 1 registration No. when the volume is below 1 t/y (phase 1 registration applies to existing chemical above 100kg per year), the standard registration should be completed within 3 years counting from the 2nd year when the volume exceeds 1 t/y.

    For the above mentioned 3 situations, if the phase 1 registration No. is cancelled when there is no manufacture or importation and is re-applied for when the manufacture or importation is resumed, the registration deadline for standard registration should be counted based on the first time when the phase 1 registration No. was obtained. If the registration deadline for standard registration has expired, the standard registration should be completed along with the re-applied phase 1 registration.

    Stakeholders should be aware of their obligations and keep in mind the corresponding deadline for registration.

    Note: Major revisions compared to the current registration practice have been summarized by ChemLined. Pls click here to read more about the draft amendments of the New and Existing Chemical Registration Regulation. 


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