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  • Philippine to Update PICCS List and Certificate Issuance

      15 Mar 2019   lynn liang

    In Mar, 2019, the Philippine Environmental Management Bureau published drafts on Additional Chemicals in Philippine Inventory of Chemical and Chemical Substances (PICCS) List...
  • The Philippines Issued CCO on Cadmium and its compounds

      2 Nov 2018   Matt Lyu

    Recently, DENR-EMB issued a chemical control order on cadmium and cadmium compounds for public consulting and will pose more regulatory obligations on the whole supply chain of cadmium compounds apart from the Priority Chemcials List (PCL) requirements.
  • The Philippines Revises the Priority Chemicals List

      22 May 2018   Matt Lyu

    Philippine EMB issued a draft of the 3rd revised Priority Chemicals List (PCL) and the number of the priority chemicals was almost doubled.
  • The Philippines Updates PICCS Online Search System

      22 Mar 2018   Matt Lyu

    Recently, the Philippine Environmental Management Bureau under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-EMB) updated the online search system of the Philippine Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances (PICCS) on its website to the...
  • The Philippines Specified CCO on Cyanide and Its Compounds

      13 Mar 2018   Matt Lyu

    To manage and control the use of cyanide chemicals more effectively, on Mar 9th, 2018, the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) issued a draft document that specified and clarified the...
  • The Philippines Consults on Arsenic Chemical Control Order

      8 Mar 2018   Matt Lyu

    Recently, DENR-EMB issued a CCO on arsenic and arsenic compounds. The importer, manufacturer, distributor, and user of arsenic and its compounds should register with EMB and acquire a permit.
  • The Philippine DENR Underscores Common Compliance Issues during Chemical Notification

      7 Mar 2018   Matt Lyu

    On Feb 22nd, 2018, Philippine Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) held a seminar in Japan. The Chief of Chemical Management Section, Ms. Emmanuelita Mendoza gave a speech during the seminar...
  • The Philippines Detailed GHS Requirements for High Volume Chemicals

      6 Mar 2018   Matt Lyu

    The Philippine DENR-EMB issued the Memorandum Circular 2017-010 and set the determination criteria for High Volume Chemicals. The HVCs are required to be properly labeled and comply with the GHS requirements stipulated in DAO 2015-09.
  • The Philippines No Longer Requires PCL Certificate for Chemicals Used in Labs

      5 Mar 2018   Matt Lyu

    In late 2017, DENR-EMB published Memorandum Circular 2017-07 and stipulated that facilities that use PCL chemicals solely as standard solutions or as reagents in laboratory analysis are not required to secure the corresponding PCL Compliance Certificate...
  • Philippine EMB Clarified Confusions on Chemical Permits

      8 Dec 2017   Matt Lyu

    On Dec 7th 2017, the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) of the Philippines issued a document,...


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