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  • WTO Seeks Comments on the Draft of Vietnam Technical Regulation of Secondary Lithium Battery

      19 Jul 2019   Horace Wang

    Takehome: Vietnam submitted the draft of “National Technical Regulation on Safety of Secondary Lithium Batteries” to WTO for comments collection. The draft describes the quality...
  • Vietnam to Establish National Operation Center Tasked with Elimination of Toxic Chemical Hazards

      5 Jul 2019   Deborah Xiong

    Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc recently decided to establish a national operation center for eliminating toxic chemical hazards and minimizing environmental accidents.
  • Vietnam Introduces Annual Reporting System

      26 Jun 2019   Nadine He

    Speaking at ChemCon held in Seoul on Jun 19, Mr. Le Viet Thang from Vietnam Chemicals Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced Vietnam’s annual reporting system of chemicals. According to Mr. Thang, in the past companies were...
  • Vietnam Supplements National Chemical Inventory

      20 Sep 2018   Matt Lyu

    On Sep 14th, 2018, Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) issued a notice on its website, adding around 26 thousand chemical substances into the Vietnam national chemical inventory.
  • Vietnam Amends Chemical Law

      29 Aug 2018   Matt Lyu

    Recently, the Vietnam government issued a notice and made some small amendments to its Chemical law. The concept of "master plan for the development of the chemical industry" has been removed from the Law.
  • Vietnam Launched National Chemical Database

      6 Aug 2018   Matt Lyu

    On Aug 2nd, 2018, Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) announced that the National Chemical Database of Vietnam was officially launched and operational.
  • Vietnam Department of Chemicals: 2017 Review and 2018 Plans

      6 Feb 2018   Matt Lyu

    On Jan 25th, 2018, Vietnam’s Department of Chemicals under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) held an internal conference to summarize the work in 2017...
  • Vietnam MOIT Published Draft Management on Explosives

      31 Jan 2018   Matt Lyu

    Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) published a draft of the Regulations on the Management and Use of the Industrial Explosives and Explosive Precursors.
  • Vietnam Details the Implementation of Decree No.113/2017

      25 Jan 2018   Matt Lyu

    To further assist the implementation of the Decree No. 113/2017, MOIT published a ministerial circular named Circular No.32/2017/TT-BCT in Dec 2017 and specified a number of articles of the Law on Chemicals and the Decree No.113/2017. The Circular took effect on Dec...
  • Vietnam MOIT Requires Chemical Importers to Register at National Single Window

      23 Nov 2017   Matt Lyu

    On Nov 21st 2017, the Chemical Department under Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) issued a notice,...


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