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  • New Zealand Establishes New Permit Scheme for HFCs Import/Export

      22 Feb 2019   lynn liang

    In Dec, 2018, New Zealand updated the Ozone Layer Protection Amendment...
  • New Zealand EPA Welcomes a New Guide to Domestic Chemical Disposal

      13 Feb 2019   Nora Wang

    On February 1, 2019, the Consumer New Zealand released a new guide to help protect New Zealand people from hazardous domestic chemicals. The research and production of the guide was funded by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and is freely available on...
  • New Zealand Phases Out Anti-Fouling Boat Paints

      19 Jun 2018   Ying Zhang

    New Zealand EPA has banned anti-fouling paints containing diuron, octhilinone or ziram from June 2017.
  • New Zealand to Ban Microbeads: Is Your Product Affected?

      30 May 2018   Ying Zhang

    From 7 June 2018 onwards, New Zealand will prohibit the production and sale of some products containing microbeads. A fine up to $100,000 will be imposed on violators caught knowingly breaking the rules.
  • New Zealand Consults On the Proposal to Increase HSNO Fees

      9 May 2018   Ying Zhang

    New Zealand EPA is seeking feedbacks on its proposed fee increases on hazardous substances and new organism application, and on the requirement for import certificates for explosives. The new fees are expected to be in place by...
  • New Zealand Is To Introduce New Health And Safety At Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations

      24 Nov 2017   Ying Zhang

    On 1 December 2017, the Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations will come into force in New Zealand. Until then...
  • NZ EPA Requires Submission of Hazchem Manufacturer and Importer Contact Information

      24 Nov 2015   Jane Zhou

    From Nov 19, companies and individuals in New Zealand are required to supply their contact details to the EPA within 30 days after the next/first import or production of hazardous substances for commercial purposes, according to the Hazardous...
  • New Zealand’s Amendment to the HSNO Act Open for Public Consultation

      3 Dec 2014   Jane Zhou

    The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act of New Zealand is undergoing amendment with a view to improve its workability and to help stakeholders better identify their obligations and regulatory compliance requirements. 
  • New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Reform: New Regime for HazChem in Workplace

      16 Aug 2013   Yvonne Huang

    The New Zealand Government has initiated its most significant reform of New Zealand’s workplace health and safety system in 20 years. The reform was announced on 7 Aug 2013 by Labour Minister Simon Bridges. “The...
  • New Zealand Consults on Tank Wagons for Hazards Transportation

      3 Apr 2013   Yvonne Huang

    New Zealand Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is seeking public views on the draft of revised Codes of Practice for tank wagons of various hazardous substances transportation, namely ...


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