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Another Round of Price Increases in the Global Chemical Market

  •   12 Mar 2018
  •    Ying Zhang
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    Currently, an increasing number of chemical products are subject to price adjustments as a result of the price hike in raw materials. The products include coatings, adhesives, titanium dioxide, TDI, resins, etc.

    Similar to the first wave of price adjustment, the upcoming price increases can be mostly attributed to the increased cost of raw materials. The highest rate of price increase is 25%, for anti-corrosion coating and marine coating produced by Sherwin. For other details please refer to table 1.

    In terms of china’s coating industry, producers suffered major losses due to the huge increase in the price of raw materials last year. For example, the annual net profit of Feilu high-tech materials in 2017 dropped by 15.75% compared to 2016. Kinlita, another listed company, also saw a 32.38% decrease in annual net profit of 2017 compared to 2016. If the cost of raw materials for coatings continue to rise up, it is very likely that Chinese coating companies will adjust their product prices sooner or later.              


    Company name

    Product name


    Effective date


    Kansai paint


    Increase by 8-10%

    1 April, 2018




    Increase by 10-12%



    New price policy

    1 April 2018


    Nippon paint


    Increase by 8%

    1 April 2018


    Powder coatings and water-based coatings

    Increase by 5%


    Increase by 10%



    fluorine polymer

    Increase by 6%-9%

    1 April, 2018




     Anti-corrosion coating and marine coating

    Increase by 25%

    1 March 2018



    All products

    Increase by up to 20% depending on the specific compositions of the products

    12 February 2018


    Ishihara group






    Titanium dioxide


    Increase by 200 dollars per ton

    1 January 2018

    Asia-pacific region


    Increase by 125 dollars per ton in Asia-pacific region, and by 165 AUD per ton in Australia

    1 January 2018

    Asia-pacific region, and Australia


    Increase by 120 Euro per ton in European;

    by 150 dollars per ton in the middle east, Asia-pacific region, and Latin America;

    and by 0.07 dollars per pound in North America


    1 April, 2018

    European, Middle east, Asia-pacific,  America

    DSM Coating Resins

    coil coating resins 

     increase by 0.30 - 0.35 €/kg

    1 March, 2018



    Radcure Resins

    Increase up to 0.25 €/kg

    1 March 2018

    Europe, Middle East, and Africa

    Table 1



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