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Australia Asked for More Information on TNA Products

  •   17 Mar 2017
  •    Matt Lyu
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    NICNAS requested enterprises to submit chemical information of the products that were listed in TNA.

    On Mar 7th 2017, Australian National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) issued a notice, requiring enterprises to provide detailed information of the products that were listed in the Trade Names Annex (TNA) to the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances (AICS).

    The substances that are included in AICS are regarded as existing chemical substances in Australia and only require general business registration. New chemical substances not included in these inventories are subject to extra compliance duties such as new chemical notifications. The data required in the notification vary among different substances, based on the evaluation of their hazard risks and exposure levels. Theoretically, according to the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act (ICNA), the AICS should be based on single chemical substances. However, during the supplementation of the AICS, a lot of enterprises were concerned about their confidential business information and did not disclose all compositional information of their products. NICNAS accepted that as an expedient. These product names were listed in an annex to the AICS called Trade Names Annex (TNA). At present, there are 2526 products listed in the TNA. The TNA can be looked up here: https://cdn.chemlinked.com/img/newcl/file/final-trade-name-annex-product-list.xlsx

    Now NICNAS has decided to regulate products without clear and accurate compositional information. Enterprises are requested to provide detailed information of these products. Chemical composition information should be submitted, including CAS names, CAS numbers and molecular formulas. There are three ways to submit the information:

    The enterprises that are still concerned about confidential business information can apply to list their chemical substances in the confidential section of the AICS by completing an application form or applying online.

    The submission deadline is Mar 9th 2018. After the deadline, the TNA will be removed from the AICS. The chemicals that are submitted will be included in the AICS and those that are not will be regarded as new chemical substances.

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