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Charge Reduced for New Chemical Substance Inquiry

  •   30 Sep 2017
  •    Nadine He
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    On 30 Sep 2017, the SCC-MEP announced on its website that the charge for new chemical substance inquiry service is reduced from 5,000 RMB per substance to 3,000 RMB per substance. It comes into effect immediately.

    The inquiry service is offered by the authority since 2003. At beginning it was free. From October 15 of 2009, 200 RMB per substance was charged to confirm new substance identity. This price became 600 RMB in 2013 (CL news) and then 5000 RMB in 2016 (CL news).

    The confirmation of whether a substance of your concern is listed in the IECSC is essential before entering the Chinese market. Considering some substances are confidential to public search, the official inquiry is the only reliable way to go. However, the previous charge standard (5,000 RMB per substance) was too high and was subject to widespread criticism from industry. The fee is reduced to ease the financial burden of enterprises.

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