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China MEP Consults on the 8th Batch of Regular Notifications to Be Approved under China NCSN in 2017

  •   4 Sep 2017
  •    Nadine He
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    On 31 Aug, China MEP issued the eighth batch of China new chemical substance notifications (China NCSN, a.k.a China REACH) to be approved in 2017 for public consultation. If no objections are submitted until 2 Sep 2017, certificates will be formally issued. 

    In this batch, 7 new notifications are to be approved. The detailed information is specified as below.

    Table1. Regular Notifications to be Approved under China NCSN (Batch 8 of 2017)

    No.Admissible No.Chemical NameNotifying CompanyNotification TypeEnvironmental Management Category
    1受16039(环烷氧基)脂肪族多元醇ADEKA CORPORATIONRegular NotificationHazardous
     2受17009(烷基链烷醇与磷氧化物的反应产物)与烷基链烷胺的反应产物Lubrizol Additives (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. Regular NotificationHazardous
     3受17014羟甲基杂多环和羟基杂多环的混合物TOSOH CorporationRegular NotificationHazardous
     4受17023多烷基取代环烷基醇的混合物International Flavours & Fragrances (China) Ltd. Regular NotificationHazardous of priority environmental concern
     5受17035(烷氧基烷基)-(二烷基-二氧代噁唑烷基)-[(二烷基烷基)-[(烷基烷基)硫基]芳基]苯并噻二嗪脂肪族酰胺的二氧化物FUJIFILM Finechemicals (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.;
    Dalian Trico Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Joint NotificationHazardous of priority environmental concern
     6受17036取代(硅氧烷与聚硅氧烷)与金属硫硒化物、脂肪酸和脂肪胺的反应产物Nanosys, IncRegular NotificationHazardous of priority environmental concern
      7 受17041二(卤代苯基)-二氧代二氢杂多环Changshu Mikuni Chemical Co., Ltd.Re-notification for the Increased Tonnage BandGeneral

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