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China Tightens Regulations on Delivering Explosive Precursor Hazardous Chemicals

  •   13 Nov 2017
  •    Ying Zhang
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    This July, China has launched a campaign to address the problem of irregular delivery and management of explosive precursor hazardous chemicals. This campaign will last until the end of 2017. 9 state departments are involved, including the ministry of public security, the central general administration office, the ministry of state security etc.

    There are four steps in this campaign:

    1. Eliminate all illegal information about production, marketing explosives online.
    2. Check in-depth every enterprises and delivery companies that manufacture, operating and use of Explosive Precursor hazardous chemicals.
    3. Encourage the public to report illegal behaviors.
    4. Enhance data sharing, develop big data technology and establish an early warning system.   

    Since the launch of the campaign, many delivery companies have been investigated and punished according to relative laws and regulations. In November 2017, Henan Province Imposed a great penalty of one million yuan on Yunda Express for irregularly delivering hazardous chemicals. By far, Henan province has investigated nearly 47,000 logistic enterprises and deliver companies, as well as more than 40,000 enterprises that manufacture and market explosive precursor hazardous chemicals. As a result, more than 11,000 hidden safety risks were spotted, and nearly 100 cases involve hazardous chemicals were found. More than 10 tons of explosive precursor hazardous chemicals, 13 tons of explosives, and 105,000 detonators were seized by the government. In Zhejiang province, a number of delivery companies were found delivering hazardous chemicals. In serious cases, some companies were banned from operating. 

    “The List of Prohibited Goods in Delivery”, published by the state post bureau, stipulating that explosive, inflammable, corrosive, toxic, infectious, or radioactive article is banned to be delivered.

    Hazardous chemicals listed in the “Inventory of Hazardous Chemicals” and “China’s Inventory of Chemicals Used for Explosive” are also banned to be delivered by express service or posted by mail.

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