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China’s Standardization Administration Expands National Standards Information Platform

  •   8 Jan 2018
  •    Matt Lyu
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    On Dec 28th, 2017, China's Standardization Administration (SAC) launched an online platform named “National Public Service Platform for Standards Information” which provides a range of services for free.

    The platform contains several modules, including an information disclosure module where users can see what standards are currently in preparation, and an opinion collection module where users can express feedback regarding the draft standards that are under public consultation. It also includes inventories of standards where users can see the names of all the standards in each industry, etc. The previously launched national standards database is now a part of the platform. Users can still see the texts of the standards in the database.

    The platform now contains 2,027 effective compulsory national standards, 32,167 recommended national standards, 58,958 industry standards in 67 industries, 37,630 local standards developed by local governments, and 2,243 group standards developed by industry associations. Newly developed national standards will be included in the platform within 20 working days of publication.

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