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K-REACH: Current Status of PECs Joint Registration

  •   3 Dec 2018
  •    Nadine He
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    Updated on Dec 3rd, 2018, the joint registration dossiers of 343 priority existing chemicals (PECs) under K-REACH have been submitted to the authority, of which 340 have been approved and issued with the registration number. The remaining three applications are still under review. The whole list of 343 PECs is accessible here

    The revised K-REACH will introduce a new registration mechanism legislation from Jan 1st, 2019, which requires registering all existing substances over 1 ton per year in the next 12 years. Pre-registration before Jun 30th, 2019 is necessary to obtain corresponding phase-in registration grace period. However, for the PECs (in total 510 PECs), their registration deadline remains as Jun 30th, 2018. The manufacture or importation of PECs will be prohibited until the registration is completed. 

    *The translation of the revised K-REACH, the "Act on Registration and Evaluation, etc. of Chemicals" (Act No. 15844 of Oct 16th, 2018) is now available on ChemLinked E-translation Store. 

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