K-REACH Subordinate Statutes Outlined at MoE’s Public Hearing

  •   7 Jan 2014
  •    Nadine He


    After 7 internal meetings, recommendations on how South Korea's new and existing chemical registration and evaluation system should be implemented have been made by the task force (TF) formed of industry stakeholders, government officials, and experts. The proposed subordinate rules on the practical implementation of K-REACH have been recently expounded during a public hearing organized by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) on 27 December. The details are shown in Table 1 for reference only, while the finer details and final implementation plan are awaiting guidance documents to be delivered in the next year before K-REACH kicks in on 1 Jan 2015.

    Table 1. Briefing of MoE’s Public Hearing


    TF’ interim conclusion exposed on MoE’s public hearing

    R&D substance

    R&D substances are exempt from registration under K-REACH, i.e. chemicals for process and product-oriented R&D, sample production before mass production, or pilot test, etc.;

    Transfer to other sites is permitted which requires a transport & safety management plan to be submitted.

    Low-volume new chemical registration

    New chemical substance manufactured or imported below 1 tonne per year will be subject to simplified registration, expected to achieve tonnage threshold as 0.1 tonne in 2020;

    Data requirements: applicant information, chemical identification, uses and exposure information, etc.;

    Processing period: generally 3 days, 7 days if necessary for further discussion;

    Concerning use-oriented exposure to consumers, data should be supplemented if the accumulated amount exceeds the low-volume cutoff.

    Information exchange in supply chain

    Information of chemical name, hazards, and safe use information etc. should be provided, while the ingredients and its content information are not subject to communication due to CBI concern;

    Amount of manufacture, import, use or sales are optional to be communicated.




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