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KKDIK Guidance to Be Published in Late 2017

  •   20 Sep 2017
  •    Matt Lyu
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    Takehome: Turkish MOEU plans to publish 13 guidance documents to support the implementation of KKDIK.

    Turkey’s REACH-like regulation KKDIK (acronym of “Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction”) was officially published on Jun 23rd 2017 after a long delay. However, industry still needs specific and detailed instructions on compliance because the regulation only sets a fundamental framework for chemical management.

    To help the industry start to prepare for the requirements, Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MOEU) intends to publish a series of guidance documents before the end of 2017. A total of 13 guidance documents are included in the plan: 

    • Guidance on the information on outsourcing of chemicals;
    • Guidance on the registration responsibilities under KKDIK;
    • Guidance on dossier and substance evaluation;
    • Guidance on dossier preparation for harmonized classification and labelling;
    • Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment:

      • Part A: introduction;
      • Part B: hazard assessment;
      • Part C: PBT (persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic) assessment;
      • Part D: establishing an exposure scenario;
      • Part E: risk characterization;
      • Part F: chemical safety report;
    • Guidance on scientific research and development and product and process oriented research and development (PPORD);
    • Information on chemical risks and safe use;
    • Guidance for the preparation of an Annex XV dossier for identification of high priority substances.

    The first two documents are already published for the industry; and the others will be issued later. The guidance documents are a timely aid for industry because they don’t have much time remaining before compliance with KKDIK becomes mandatory. The deadline for pre-registration is Dec 31st 2020, just 3 years after implementation. The deadline for full registration is Dec 31st 2023. Unfortunately, the guidance documents will be in Turkish and we don’t know if there will be English translations yet. (Click to see the English translation to KKDIK and two of its annexes.)

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