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Korea KCMA Surveys Industry’s Response to Release of Draft List of 1st Batch PECs

  •   28 Jan 2015
  •    Nadine He
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    The Korea Chemicals Management Association (KCMA) launched a survey on the 20th of Jan 2015 as part of a comprehensive investigation of industry’s response to the issuance of the draft list of the first batch of PECs which contains 518 chemical substances. Relevant stakeholders are encouraged to login to the online survey system to fill in their basic information, substance information, and potential registration tonnage, etc. The information collected will facilitate potential registrants in establishing consortiums and jointly registering the same substance under K-REACH. The survey will be concluded by 6 Feb 2015.

    • Online survey website: http://518.kcma.or.kr/
    • Consulting supporter: KCMA’s Joint Registration Support Team
    • Tel. 02-3019-6738, 6754, 6751, 6760, 6723, 6730, 6719

    Korea REACH

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