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MEP to Issue Numerous Environmental Protection Related National Standards

  •   19 Apr 2017
  •    Matt Lu
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    Takehome: MEP will develop and revise hundreds of national standards of environmental protection.

    On Apr 10th 2017, Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) published its development program of the national standards related to environmental protection during China’s 13th Five Years Plan (2016~2020). According to the program, about 800 national standards will be issued, including 400 standards on environment quality monitor and 100 standards on pollutants emission control.

    MEP will conduct scientific research and evaluation on the implementation of current national standards and determine how to revise them and implement new ones. The new national standards will better reflect the actual demands in environmental protection and be more practical. The quality of air, water and soil are considered as top priority. The emission control standards will focus on the air and water pollutants and hazardous solid wastes. Standards on noise pollution are also included into the development program. A big part of the new national standards will function as supporting documents for the newly established pollutants emission permit system and the to-be-enforced Environmental Protection Tax Law. The environmental protection authorities will have more specific and technical guidelines during the enforcement of the policies.

    MEP planned to hold training on the new standards for over 3,000 officials and technicians and hoped local authorities could expand the scope to over 15,000 people. The whole list of the national standards that are to be developed or revised can be seen here: http://www.zhb.gov.cn/gkml/hbb/bwj/201704/W020170414581772760139.pdf.

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