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Mixture Compliance Date Set by Indonesia GHS Updates

  •   3 Jun 2013
  •    Yvonne Huang
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    MOI INDONESIAIndonesia’s Ministry of Industry (MOI) has recently amended its Globally Harmonized System (GHS) based framework of chemicals, Decree No. 87/M-IND/PER/9/2009. The Decree was enforced since 24 Mar 2010 stipulating rules regarding classification, labelling and preparation of Safety Data sheet (SDS).  

    The revision of Decree No. 87/M-IND/PER/9/2009 is specified in Decree No. 23/M-IND/PER/9/2013. The updated regulation confirms the previous anticipation that GHS compliance for mixture will be mandatory since 31 Dec 2016.

    Despite compulsory GHS compliance already imposed on domestic produced and imported single substances since 24 Mar 2010, Decree No. 23/M-IND/PER/9/2013 further requires updates of SDS and Labelling for those chemicals. From 12 July 2013, the SDS and labelling of single substance must be in line with the newly-introduced hazard classification. Three hazard classes have been introduced or amended, they are:

    • Substance that are hazardous to the ozone layer
    • Chemically unstable gases
    • Aerosols (including both flammable and non-flammable aerosols)

    The updated regulation also requires the chemical manufacturers to revise their SDSs and labels once the product information changes or at least every 5 years. In case of repackaging for chemicals, the handling company is obligated to provide the following information in full detail:

    • GHS label
    • SDS
    • net quantity
    • name and address of business

    Information presented in the labelling and SDS must be printed in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesia official language, and the concurrent translation of such contents in other languages is optional.

    In addition to labelling and SDS requirements, chemicals handlers in Indonesia also need to hand in a detailed report for each of the chemical they handled to the Director General of Manufacturing Industry Basis, MOI.

    Despite considerable progresses seen in Indonesia GHS updates, the long-anticipated information including the specification of cut-off values and concentration limits, as well as selection of GHS “building blocks” are yet to be regulated and notified by the MOI in the subsequent Degrees. 

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