New Chemical Substances not Gazetted are still “New” to Register under K-REACH

  •   16 Aug 2013
  •    Nadine He


    At a conference organized by the National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) on 14 July 2013, the scope of new chemical substances required to get registered under K-REACH is clarified. Although notified under TCCA, some of the chemical substances will still need to complete the mandatory registration pursuant to K-REACH if not published on the Official Gazette by 1 Jan 2015.

    As specified in the legislative content of K-REACH, “new chemical substance” means all chemical substances other than existing chemical substances which are defined as either of the following,

    A. Chemical substances published by the Minister of Environment (MoE) through the consultation with the Minister of Employment & Labor (MoEL) as chemical substances distributed for commercial uses in the country prior to February 2, 1991.

    B. Chemical substances published by the MoE as the substances cleared of the new chemical notification under the Toxic Chemicals Control Act (TCCA) after February 2, 1991.

    Clarified in this conference, the new chemical substances which have undergone hazard assessment under TCCA while not published on the Official Gazette by the effective date of K-REACH, will still be considered as new and subject to registration under K-REACH. It is customary that the publication of new chemical substances notified under TCCA on the Official Gazette is made 3 years since the assessment result is officially delivered to the notifer. Therefore, new chemical substances already assessed during 1 Jan 2012 and 31 Dec 2014 should register under K-REACH without delay theoretically.

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