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South Korea Issued Safety Standard and Labeling Standard for High Risk Products

  •   20 Apr 2015
  •    Nadine He
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    The Ministry of Environment issued the final version of the Designation of Risk Concerned Products and the Safety and Labeling Standards to specify the safety and labeling criteria for high risk products, as well as threshold for substance content, etc. It came into effect on 1 Apr, 2015.

    The draft was issued on 28 Jan 2015 for public consultation until 17 Feb 2015. The standard drafted by the MoE in Jan included five categories covering a total of 15 kinds of products listed below. However, compared to the draft version, the final version issued by the MoE Notice No. 2015-41 only includes three categories of 8 kinds of products. The others (marked in yellow below) will be added later in April.

    Designated Products of Risk-Concern

    Detergent product

    Coating Adhesive product

    Air freshener product

    Dye product

    Biocidal product

    (1) Cleaners

    (2) Synthetic detergents

    (3) Bleaching agents

    (4) Fabric softeners

    (1) Coating agents

    (2) Anti-rust additives

    (3) Anti-fogging agents

    (4) Adhesives

    (1) Air fresheners

    (2) Deodorizing agents

    (1) Colorant/decolorant agents

    (2) Tattoo inks

    (1) Disinfectants

    (2) Insect repellents

    (3) Preservatives


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