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South Korea to Update Restricted Substance List

  •   16 May 2018
  •    Nadine He
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    Published on 8 May 2018 by MoE Notice No.2018-0384, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) is now consulting on a newly designated restricted substance. 

    The latest Restricted Chemical Substances List contains 12 kinds of chemical substances (given number as 06-5-1~06-5-12, see here). The substance (see details below) will be added into the list since it poses a high human exposure risk in indoor spaces.

    Given No.Korean NameEnglish NameCAS No.Restricted Conditions
    06-5-134,4′메틸렌비스(2-클로로아닐린) 및 이를 0.1% 이상 함유한 혼합물4,4’-methylenebis(2-chloroaniline) (mixture containing 0.1% or more of this substance)101-14-4

    Manufacture, importation, sales, keeping, storage, transportation and use for waterproof flooring for building purpose are prohibited 

    If it is officially approved as a restricted chemical substance, the corresponding obligations under the Chemical Control Act (CCA) shall be complied with, including written confirmation of chemical details before the first-time manufacture or import, and the follow-up permission management for import, export and business activities (see details).

    For any comments on the substance information, please contact the authority before 28 May 2018 via

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