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Taiwan Establishes New Bureau for Toxic and Chemical Substances

  •   10 Jan 2017
  •    Nadine He
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    The "Organic Act for Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan" passed its third reading in Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan on 9 Dec 2016. According to the Act Taiwan will establish a new bureau called “Taiwan Toxic and Chemical Substances Bureau” under the EPA. The Act was later promulgated by Presidential Order on the 23rd of Dec 2016 and the bureau opened on 28 Dec 2016. The official website of the new bureau is http://www.epa.gov.tw/tcsb/.

    The Act replaces the provisional Organization Rules of the Bureau issued on 5 Oct 2016 for bureau establishment (CL news).

    At present 11 central authorities with 17 laws and regulations are used in chemical management in Taiwan. However lack of source control over chemicals manufactured in or imported into Taiwan has hampered authority’s efforts to obtain comprehensive supply chain data on manufacturers/importers related to the handling of chemicals and hazard communication between up and down stream users.

    The new bureau will be responsible for harmonization in chemical management, including:

    • (1) Regulating, implementation and supervision
    • (2) Accident and emergency response,
    • (3) Environmental health agents
    • (4) Information integration and application,
    • (5) Amount and direction of toxics and chemicals, as well as cross-ministerial cooperation
    • (6) Development of hazard evaluation methods
    • (7) International cooperation, technology research and development and,
    • (8) Other issues related to toxics and chemical substances

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