Taiwan to Release Priority Existing Chemical Substances Subject to Standard Registration under TCSCA

  •   14 Jun 2017
  •    Nadine He


    • Taiwan EPA will release three batches of priority existing chemical substances (PECs) subject to standard registration under Taiwan TCSCA.
    • Corresponding registration timeline has been set.
    • The first batch of 122 PECs has been drafted.

    Taiwan launched Phase 1 registration for existing chemical substances manufactured or imported in amount over 100kg/year on 1 Sep 2015. The information gathered from Phase 1 registration will facilitate the designation of priority existing substances (PECs) subject to Phase 2 registration (standard registration). 

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    Can we find the 122 PECs list from Taiwan official website?
    Hello Echo, the list is attached in the article, you will be able to get the document by a click to the hyperlink. Thank you for your support.