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Vietnam Requires Prevention and Response Plan for Mass HazChem

  •   22 Aug 2013
  •    Yvonne Huang
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    On 5 Aug 2013, the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) issued the Circular 20/2013/TT-BCT to replace the Circular 28/2010/TT-BCT Chapter V Article 4 concerning planning and measures to prevent and respond to chemical incidents. The new Circular, issued in pursuant to the Law on Chemicals, Decree 108/2008/ND-CP, Decree 26/2011/ND-CP and Decree 95/2012/ND-CP, provides detailed stipulations and guidance regarding establishment of prevention and response plan for hazardous chemicals incidents.

    From 15 Oct 2013, prevention and response plan is required from organizations and individuals involved in production, sales, storage and use of mass amount of hazardous chemicals in the industrial sector. The Circular applies to chemical substances listed in the Decree 26/2011/ND-CP and Decree No. 108/2008/ND-CP. The Circular considers the chemical quantity to be mass/large when the highest storage amount of chemicals at a time is greater than or equal to the threshold set by Appendix IV of Decree 26/2011/ND-CP.

    The valid dossier of the prevention and response plan should contain a written application (form available in Appendix 2 of the Circular) and a number of accompanying documents such as feasibility analysis or economic report. Business or individual may submit the dossier to the office of the Department of Chemicals in person or by mail. The department will then pass the dossiers to the evaluation council in the MOIT for further evaluation and final approval.

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