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WTO Notifies Members on Nine Chinese National VOCs Management Standards

  •   31 Oct 2019
  •    Horace Wang
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    • WTO notified and is seeking feedback from its members on the proposed promulgation of nine Chinese mandatory national standards. These standards set limits of VOCs and/or hazardous contents in products such as cleaning agents, adhesives, printing ink, coatings, and so on.
    • All technical requirements in these standards are compulsory and they hopefully will enter into effect in 2020.

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    What is the impact for Raw Materials Coatings with solvents. Are the VOC limits mandatory for imported coatings ?
    Friday, 1 November 2019
    Hello, Mr. Dustin. This is Horace from ChemLinked. As far as these standards concerned, the requirements apply to the coating products for specific uses in China. And the indicators shall be measured when the coatings in application condition (after being mixed or diluted, etc.) to determine the product's conformity. So for your first question, the influence from the standards to Raw Materials Coatings with solvent much depends on the uses and the method to use the coating, and the VOCs limits are different as well. For the second question, if the imported coatings are used for the standards-designated purposes in China, they are subject to the mandatory limits. I hope my answer will help you and please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.
    Monday, 4 November 2019