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  • Notification of Products Containing Priority Management Substances under K-REACH from Jul 1st 2019

      1 Jul 2019   Nadine He

    In accordance with the requirements of the amended Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals of Korea (K-REACH), notification of products containing priority management substances (including hydrates) is required before manufacture or importation.
  • New Zealand EPA Releases HSNO Enforcement Report 2018

      29 Jun 2019   Nora Wang

    On June 27, 2019, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of New Zealand published the HSNO Enforcement Report 2018. The report looks at the enforcement of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 (the HSNO Act) for the 2017/18 financial...
  • Overview of China’s Plastics Industry and Future Tendencies in 2019

      28 Jun 2019   Deborah Xiong

    Takehome: China's plastic industry is facing unique challenges precipitated by new stringent environmental policies, increased public concern and scrutiny on environmental impact, shifting geopolitical dynamics, trade issues and...
  • Great Changes Made to China’s Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Law

      28 Jun 2019   Horace Wang

    Takehome: The new draft revision of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Solid Waste Pollution was submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for review for the first time....
  • MOFCOM Reinstates Anti-dumping Measures on Toluidine Imported from EU

      28 Jun 2019   Deborah Xiong

    Takehome: Starting on June 28, 2019 China MOFCOM reinstated anti-dumping measures on toluidine imported from EU. The anti-dumping tax rate is 19.6% for LANXESS Deutschland GmbH and 36.9% for all other EU companies.
  • China Opens IECSC Supplementation

      27 Jun 2019   Nadine He

    China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) has reopened the supplementation of China’s Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (IECSC). The scope of this new round of IECSC supplementation is the same as the last one, i.e. only substances manufactured or...
  • South Korea Clarifies Requirements for Pre-registration of Polymers

      26 Jun 2019   Nora Wang

    On June 14, 2019, the Chemical Safety Support Team (https://www.chemnavi.or.kr/) under the South Korean Ministry of Environment gave explanations on the pre-registration of polymers in existing chemical substances. ...
  • Vietnam Introduces Annual Reporting System

      26 Jun 2019   Nadine He

    Speaking at ChemCon held in Seoul on Jun 19, Mr. Le Viet Thang from Vietnam Chemicals Agency under the Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced Vietnam’s annual reporting system of chemicals. According to Mr. Thang, in the past companies were...
  • Industry Professionals Share Insights into China Chemical Management Issues

      25 Jun 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: Measures for the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances (MEP Order 7) is under revision and the proposed amendments will be issued soon. China’s Chemicals Management Plan introduces...
  • Shandong to Implement Specific Rectification Work on Chemical Plants and Parks

      24 Jun 2019   Deborah Xiong

    Takehome: In order to improve safety in the chemical sector, Shandong’s provincial government issued a notification on upcoming rectification work targeting chemical plants and parks.


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