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  • Philippine DENR Issues Order for Polymer and PLC Exemption from PMPIN

      15 Nov 2019   Nora Wang

    Takehome: The Philippine DENR specified the criteria and requirements for the exemption of polymers and PLCs from the PMPIN process. On November 8, 2019, the Philippine Department of Environment and...
  • China Issues Notice on the Preparation of UN38.3 Test Summary for Lithium Batteries

      15 Nov 2019   Horace Wang

    Takehome: The UN38.3 Test Summary for lithium batteries is required to be provided by manufacturers or retailers from 1st January 2020. Based on the actual implementation, suggestions were made to the...
  • South Korea Recommends Formation of Separate Consortiums for Nanomaterial Registration under K-REACH

      13 Nov 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: South Korea follows the definition of nanomaterials under EU REACH and recommends formation of separate consortiums for nanomaterial registration as there are significant differences in the hazardous properties of substances in...
  • Japanese Authorities Issues Notice to Inform Implementation of Exemption System under CSCL

      13 Nov 2019   Nora Wang

    Takehome: Japan MHLW, METI and MoE issued a revised notice concerning Use Confirmations which are required in the application for exemptions under CSCL. On November 1, 2019, the Japanese Ministry...
  • China Issues Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment

      7 Nov 2019   Horace Wang

    Takehome: NDRC released the Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment, which will enter into effect on 1st January 2020. The rubber and plastics industry will...
  • New Zealand Proposes Adoption of GHS Revision 7 Classification System

      7 Nov 2019   Horace Wang

    Takehome: New Zealand is consulting on the proposed adoption of the GHS Revision 7 classification system, aiming to increase the efficiency of chemical management, and enhance the effectiveness of the HSNO Act. In the...
  • Korea MoE Pledges Support for Industry During Chemical Regulatory Compliance

      7 Nov 2019   Nora Wang

    Takehome: In response to media stories claiming that K-REACH regulations are plaguing chemical businesses, the Korea MoE published an explanation to reiterate the government’s support for chemical registration....
  • South Korea Requires Downstream Information of Registered New Chemicals

      7 Nov 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: The OSHA requires new chemical registrants to submit downstream information by Nov 22nd, 2019. Priority targets are registered new chemicals suspected as being carcinogenic or posing other serious...
  • Thailand Consults on the Latest Revision of the Hazardous Substances List

      5 Nov 2019   Horace Wang

    Takehome: Thailand DOA releases a new revision to the Hazardous Substance List and is seeking feedback from the public. Future use of Glyphosate, Chlorpyrifos, Paraquat, and their derivatives will be prohibited if the draft version...
  • China Implements New Safety Technology Requirements for Hazchem Enterprises

      5 Nov 2019   Nora Wang

    Takehome: The newly amended GB 18265 is scheduled to take effect on November 1, 2019, putting in place requirements for safety technologies of enterprises handling hazardous chemicals business...


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