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  • China’s Policy on Dangerous Goods Transport and JT/617

      25 Sep 2018   Ying Zhang

    In China, there are over 300,000 hazardous chemical enterprises. 95% of all chemical raw materials are transported across the country. According to a presentation made by Mr. Zhang Qiang during REACH24h’s Chemical Regulatory Affairs Conference 2018, two problems impede the development of...
  • China Consults on the 8th Batch of Regular Notifications to Be Approved under China NCSN in 2018

      21 Sep 2018   Ying Zhang

    On 14 September 2018, China MEE released a notification consulting on the 8th batch of China new chemical substance notifications (China NCSN, a.k.a China REACH) to be approved in 2018...
  • Vietnam Supplements National Chemical Inventory

      20 Sep 2018   Matt Lyu

    On Sep 14th, 2018, Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) issued a notice on its website, adding around 26 thousand chemical substances into the Vietnam national chemical inventory.
  • China’s Pollutant Emission Permit System: Accelerating Comprehensive Coverage and Nationwide Implementation

      20 Sep 2018   Ying Zhang

    In November 2016, China’s State Council published the Implementation Program of Pollutants Emission Permit System (控制污染物排放许可制实施方案), which marked the beginning of implementation.
  • 288 K-REACH PECs Registration Approved

      19 Sep 2018   Matt Lyu

    According to the statistic data from South Korea’s chemical authority, up to Sep 13th, 2018, the registration dossiers of 340 priority existing chemicals (PECs) under K-REACH have been submitted to the authority. 288 of them have been reviewed and approved.
  • Opening of MEE Government Affair Service Center to Accelerate Administrative Approval

      19 Sep 2018   lynn liang

    A new government affairs service center platform, contained within the MEE website (www.mee.gov.cn) is currently under development, according to a presentation offered by Ms. Ling Lu (an official from the Division of Solid...
  • Impact of Implementation of China’s Environmental Protection Tax Law

      19 Sep 2018   lynn liang

    The Environment Protection Tax Law was promulgated in Dec 2016 and related implementation regulation published in Dec 2017, both were implemented on Jan 1, 2018 to coincide with the cancellation of the pollutants emission fee. H1 2018 taxation data shows...
  • Requirements for Banned and Restricted Chemicals in Consumer Product Set for Release in Early 2019

      19 Sep 2018   lynn liang

    National recommend standard “Requirements for banned and restricted chemicals in consumer product” is awaiting final approval and is expected to be released in 2019, according to details presented by Dr. Xia Liu from China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) during...
  • Taiwan to Relieve Industry Compliance Burden during New Chemical and Phase 2 Registration

      19 Sep 2018   lynn liang

    Phase 2 Registration, i.e. standard registration for Taiwan’s existing chemical substance has been in the spotlight since Taiwan EPA issued the...
  • LQ and EQ Standard Affecting Transport of Small Packages of Dangerous Goods

      17 Sep 2018   Ying Zhang

    During CRAC 2018, REACH24H Group invited Mr. Chan (former MOT official) to share his opinion and suggestion on the transport and use of small packages of dangerous goods.


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