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  • China Consults on General Program of Technical Guidelines for Environmental Health Risk Assessment

      30 Apr 2019   Nora Wang

    On April 19, 2019, the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) issued a notice[1] to seek public feedback on the General Program of Technical Guidelines for Environmental Health Risk Assessment, aiming to guide and regulate the environmental health...
  • 1,176 Chemical Enterprises in China to Relocate and Upgrade

      25 Apr 2019   Nora Wang

    Takehome: China will strengthen its efforts to ensure safe and environment-friendly production in the chemical industry. A total of 1,176 chemical enterprises need to relocate and rebuild....
  • Taiwan EPA to Revise Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act Enforcement Rules

      22 Apr 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: Taiwan is to revise the Toxic Chemical Substances Control Act Enforcement Rules. A draft proposal has been issued for public comments until 15 June. Major updates will be made to align with the new Toxic and...
  • Jiangsu to Formulate and Revise 100 Environmental Standards

      19 Apr 2019   Nora Wang

    Recently, Jiangsu provincial government issued the Program for Building an Ecological and Environmental Standard System of Jiangsu Province (2018-2022)[1], specifying that by the end of 2022, 100 ecological and environmental standards will be formulated...
  • South Korea to Update Existing Chemical Inventory

      18 Apr 2019   Nadine He

    Published on April 10th, 2019, South Korea's Ministry of Environment (MoE) is now consulting on the updates to the Existing Chemical Inventory (KECI) by MoE Notice No. 2019-214.
  • 50 Household Products Subject to Immediate Ban and Recall in South Korea

      16 Apr 2019   Nadine He

    On March 28th, 2019, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) ordered...
  • Japan ISHL: 198 Existing Chemical Substances Added

      15 Apr 2019   Nadine He

    Takehome: Japan MHLW added 198 substances to the ISHL inventory as existing substances. New chemical substances shall be notified under ISHL and CSCL respectively.
  • China Works on VOC Limits for Inks

      11 Apr 2019   Nadine He

    According to the “Three –year Plan on Defending the Blue Sky”, mandatory national standards specifying VOC limits of coating, ink,...
  • Zhangjiagang Port Halts Loading and Unloading of Hazardous Chemicals

      11 Apr 2019   Nora Wang

    On April 1, the Zhangjiagang Win Hanverky Container Terminal Co., Ltd. released a notice that, upon the request of the Zhangjiagang Environmental Protection Agency, the company will pause the loading and unloading of hazardous chemicals (except 19...
  • Hazard Class for Desensitized Explosives to be Incorporated into China GHS

      10 Apr 2019   Nadine He

    On Apr 4th, 2019, China’s Standardization Administration (SAC) announced on its website that 44 compulsory national standards (GB standard) were to be revised or formulated in one or two years. As scheduled, a new GB standard concerning the...


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