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  • Notice on Inspection of HC at Chinese Port Areas

      16 Jan 2012   

    Chinese Ministry of Transport (MOT) today issues a notice on the safety inspection of hazardous chemicals at Chinese port areas. The notice mainly clarifies segregation of duties for the inspection on the hazardous chemical
  • Taiwan EPA Consults on Toxicant Reporting Revisions

      16 Jan 2012   

    Taiwan EPA updates measures of Toxic Chemical Substances Handling and Release Quantity Recording
  • Australian Regulations Phasing in GHS

      13 Jan 2012   

    Following the entry into force on 1 January 2012 of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations in 2012, a new system of chemical classification and hazard communication on labels and safety data sheets based on the third revised Edition of the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS) will be mandatory in Australia from 1 January 2017. Thus there will be a five
  • First 2 Certificates of Regular Notification Published

      6 Jan 2012   

    The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection today published the first two Registration Certificates of Regular Notification under China MEP Order No 7. The certificates are issued to three companies, two of which have
  • Simplified Notification Annual Report Template

      5 Jan 2012   

    The Chemical Registration Center of China MEP (CRC-MEP) issues today a template of annual activity report for Simplified Notification under China REACH.
  • China MEP Reports 12 Environmental Violations

      4 Jan 2012   

    On 28 December 2011, the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice that ordered relevant authorities of environmental protection at province level to strengthen the handling of 12 cases of environmental
  • Australian Chemical Gazette Updated AICS Inventory

      4 Jan 2012   

    Australia's National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (Nicnas) has published the January 2012 edition of its Chemical Gazette, including new chemical reports for several polymer substances and notice of chemicals
  • Taiwan minister reaffirms backing for new substance registration

      3 Jan 2012   

    Taiwan to push through an amendment to draft occupational safety and health act that would affect the manufacture or import of any new chemical substances that have not been registered or risk assessed Chemical Watch news - The
  • 2012 List of Restricted Toxic Chemicals for Import & Export

      31 Dec 2011   

    The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protections publishes today the 2012 list of toxic chemicals severely restricted to be imported into or exported from China. The new list which consists of 158 substances is coming into force
  • Taiwan EPA Publishes White Paper 2011

      31 Dec 2011   

    Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration under Executive Yuan published on 12 December its 2011 annual Environmental White Paper with a section elaborating on Taiwan's toxic chemicals management. The 2011 White
  • SAWS Compiles Draft Documents for Major Hazard Installations

      26 Dec 2011   

    The Chinese State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) has compiled and revised six documents related to the registration of major hazard installations in China.
  • SAWS Consults on Nine Application Documents for HC Permit

      26 Dec 2011   

    The Chinese State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) has revised on 23 December nine application documents related to China Hazardous Chemicals Safe Production Permit. The SAWS invites authorities of work safety at each
  • MEP Publishes 3rd Batch of China REACH SR Records

      20 Dec 2011   

    The status of scientific research record (SR) under China New Chemical Substance Notification (China REACH) from July to September 2011 has been published on 19 December 2011 on the website of Chinese Ministry of Environmental
  • China Hazardous Chemicals Legislation Coming Today

      1 Dec 2011   

    Several landmark regulations regarding the management of hazardous chemicals (HC) based on China GHS principle will officially enter into force at the beginning of December 2011, encompassing most of the HC markets in China
  • SAWS Urges Registration for Companies of Priority HC

      28 Nov 2011   

    On 15 November, the Chinese State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) has issued a notice urging the nationwide registration for companies of hazardous chemicals of priority management. SAWS states it will strive to realize a
  • MEP Calls an Urgent Halt to IECSC Supplementation

      26 Nov 2011   

    Since 18 November 2011, China's MEP has Stopped Processing IECSC Applications; simplified or regular notifications compulsory now for "old" substances


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