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China Testing Institutes - New Chemical

  •   12 Aug 2016
  •    Nadine He

    Accredited Testing Institutes for China New Chemical Notification

    1. Non-Chinese laboratories

    A non-Chinese laboratory has to pass the inspection of the country where it is based or follow the GLP standards of the United Nations.

    2. Chinese laboratories

    Chinese laboratories have more specific requirements, which should be qualified with the following credentials as shown below.

    Domestic institutesEndpoints CategoryCredentials
    Physic-chemical dataLaboratory Accreditation Certificate issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)
    Metrology Accreditation Certificate (national level) issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA)
    Pesticide GLP Certificate issued by Ministry of Agriculture (MOA)
    Toxicological datapharmaceutical nonclinical study GLP certificate issued by SFDA (renamed as CFDA in 2013)
    Certification of Occupational Health Service for Chemical Toxicity Testing issued by Ministry of Health (MOH)
    GLP Compliance Statement issued by CNAS
    Eco-toxicological dataMEP-approved (so far 13 institutes)

    Testing institutes available for eco-toxicological data:

    From 1 Apr 2017, only the institutes listed on the SCC-MEP management platform are accredited to provide eco-toxicological testing data for China NCSN (ChemLinked News). The test items already entrusted to the previous MEP-GLP approved 13 institutes (listed as below) will not be affected. 

     Chinese NameEnglish NameApplicable Scope
    1上海市检测中心生物与安全检测实验室Shanghai Academy of Public MeasurementBand 4 Regular Notification
    2沈阳化工研究院安全评价中心Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical IndustryBand 4 Regular Notification
    3南京环境科学研究所国家环境保护农药环境评价与污染控制重点实验室MEP-approved Key Laboratory for Environmental Evaluation and Pollution Control under Nanjing Institute of Environmental ScienceBand 4 Regular Notification
    4上海市环境科学研究院环境监测实验室Shanghai Academy of Environmental SciencesBand 3 Regular Notification
    5广东省微生物分析检测中心生态毒理与环境安全实验室Guangdong Detection Center of MicrobiologyBand 3 Regular Notification
    6江苏衡谱分析检测技术有限公司Jiangsu Hope Analytest IncBand 1 Regular Notification
    7苏州西山中科药物研究开发有限公司Suzhou Xishan Zhongke Drug R&D Co., LtdBand 1 Regular Notification
    8中国环境科学研究院中国环境保护部化学品生态效应与风险评估重点实验室MEP-approved Key Laboratory of Ecological Effect and Risk Assessment of Chemicals under Chinese Research Academy of Environmental SciencesSimplified Notification
    9上海化工研究院检测中心Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Testing CenterUpgrade from General Case of Simplified Notification to Band 3 Regular Notification
    10浙江省农业科学院农产品质量标准研究所Institute of Quality Standards for Agricultural Products, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural SciencesBand 1 Regular Notification
    11北京协和建昊医药技术开发有限责任公司Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Science & Pecking Union Medical College (IMM)Simplified Notification
    12贵州省分析测试研究院Guizhou Academy of Testing and AnalysisBand 1 Regular Notification
    13苏州华测安评化学品技术服务有限公司CTI CSERC (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.Simplified Notification