Korea Testing Institutes - GLP

  •   12 Aug 2016
  •    Nadine He

    korea GLP Institutes for K-REACH Registration

    Reference:K-REACH Helpdesk Website

    No. Institute’s Name (Korean) Institute’s Name (English) Contact Info (Tel/Skype)
    1 한국화학연구원 부설 안전성평가연구소 Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT) 042-610-8050
    2 산업안전보건연구원 화학물질센터 Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute.(OSHRI)  042-869-0332
    3 (주)바이오톡스텍  Biotoxtech co, ltd. 043-210-7777
    4 한국화학융합시험연구원 헬스케어연구소 Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) 02-2092-3866
    5 (주)메드빌 Medvill Co., Ltd.  02-2027-5775
    6 한국건설생활환경시험연구원 바이오융합연구소 Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL) 032-858-0011
    7 대구가톨릭대학교 GLP센터 GLP Center, Catholic University of Daegu 053-850-3737
    8 (주)켐온 비임상연구센터 Nonclinical Research Institute, ChemOn Inc.  031-329-9900
    9 한국환경공단 화학물질관리팀 Korea Environment Corporation (KECO) 032-590-4775
    10 호서대학교 안전성평가센터 Hoseo Toxicological Research Center (HTRC), Hoseo University 041-540-5114
    11 한국화학연구원 부설 안전성평가연구소 전북흡입안전성연구본부 Jeonbuk Department of Inhalation Research, Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT) 063-570-8114
    12 한국화학연구원 부설 안전성평가연구소 경남환경독성본부 Gyeongnam Department of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Korea Institute of Toxicology (KIT) 055-750-3864
    13 (주) 크로엔리서치 Croen Research Inc. 031-278-5361
    14 (주) 한국생물안전성연구소 Korea Bio-safety Institute 070-4034-9503
    15 (주) 에이비 솔루션 ABSolution 070-7777-6728

    Testing data reuqired for substance registration under K-REACH should be produced by OECD GLP or government approved testing laboratories. The above are Korean institutes certified by GLP and qualified to generate data for K-REACH registration. However potential registrants should pay attention to the list of accredited testing items each testing institute is officially approved.